Fix- Articles Linked on Facebook Don’t Display Thumbnails / Images

Facebook Lint Tool

A link was posted in a Facebook Discussion that is useful for finding out where Facebook is having trouble crawling your website:

Facebook Lint Tool

Go to the link above and on that page enter the URL of the page you are having issues with. The FB Lint Tool is useful in two ways:

  • Shows any crawl erros that may occur when Facebook crawls over your page
  • Updates your page in Facebook’s cache so that any images or paths added after the original cache will be updated

Make sure that your image shows up when you enter your web address into the Linter. If your image does not show up or the problem persists try using some of the other suggestions below.

After you run your page through the linter, try sharing the link again as many people have reported that running their page through the linter fixes their problem. If your problem persists, continue reading.

Try This Plugin Before Following Other Suggestions Below!

Some of my readers have been experiencing a problem where when people “like” their post the wrong thumbnail is displayed. This is different than the original problem, however, I’ve found a plugin that solves both issues.

If you use WordPress, install the Add Facebook Share Thumbnail + Meta Plugin then Facebook will automatically take the featured image for the page.

So, install the plugin, make sure your featured images are set and your thumbnail problem should be fixed!

If you’re not using WordPress try reading below for alternate suggestions. There is also some valuable information in the comments section of this post.

This issue has been affecting Facebook users for quite sometime now and it seems that it may be because of multiple different reasons. This post contains some solutions that have worked for some people. If you have found a solution please let me know in the comments so we can rid everyone of this ridiculous problem!

Important: Image Naming / Location

First of all, Facebook does not like .png files so if you’re saving your images in that format and experiencing this issue, try changing your images to .jpg or .gif format.

Secondly, based on some recent troubleshooting I’ve done with one of my readers, Jon, I’ve realized that one of the main issues with images not displaying on Facebook is the file path that they are located at. Facebook does not like spaces in the name of an image or in the name of a folder that an image is in. Facebook also doesn’t like when there is extra “stuff” added to the end of an image URL such as image dimensions or something similar.

For example, if the file path of your image is currently: images/picture of me.jpg

Facebook will not be able to find that image above because both the image name, “picture of me.jpg” and the file path to the image “ images…” have spaces in them.

To make sure that Facebook can find your images you need to edit the name of the image and the names of the folders that the image is in to take out all spaces so the entire file path would look something like this:

How can I tell If Facebook can’t find my images because of the way they are named?

The easiest way to see if this is reason your images are not appearing in Facebook is to right-click on the image you would like to be displayed and select “copy image URL”. Paste that URL anywhere and take a look at it. If the VERY LAST part of the URL has a .jpg, .gif or any valid image extension, then some of the solutions below may be of more help to you because your images are uploaded and name correctly.

If there is extra “stuff” at the end of your image URL such as height and width data, question marks or anything at all, then that is most likely the reason that Facebook cannot find your image. Either you’re using an automatic image resizing plugin or the process that you are going through to upload your images includes automatic image naming and file path specification.

Unfortunately Facebook likes images that are named correctly using basic image naming techniques. For example, here is the URL to the image at the top of this page:

Notice there isn’t anything added to the end of it. It is a simple, normal .jpg image.

If you’re using I have noticed that if an uploaded image is very large and would break the theme if remained that size, wordpress resizes the image automatically and adds “?w=300&h=300″ or something similar to the end. To avoid this problem make sure that when you upload images they have already been cropped to the final size that you would like them to be! That should help those of you who are experiencing this problem because of WordPress automatically resizing your pictures.

Finding a way to accomplish this when uploading your images will solve the problem most of you are having.

This should solve the problem for a lot of you and you may need to run your page through the Facebook Linter (explained above) to update Facebook’s cached version of your page. If this does not solve your problem keep reading below for some more possible solutions.

Image Directory

When you upload your images make sure you are uploading them to the main image directory for your website. Also, make sure that you are providing meta data for your images (alt tag, description, etc.).

Facebook may be having trouble gathering data about the images on your page. If you have access to edit the code of your page then you should explicitly code where your images are located by doing the following:

Put the following three lines of code in your page’s header- change the values so they are relevant to your site.

<meta name="title" content="Title of Article Here" />
<meta name="description" content="Description of article here" />
<link rel="image_src" type="image/jpeg" href=""/>

Make sure you change the image path to the full address of the image location on your website.
Now when Facebook scans your page to find thumbnails, it will pick up the address of your image right from the page header.

Image Format and Meta Data

Make sure that you’re not using .png files- Facebook doesn’t work very well with them.

Last Resort- Workaround

When you go to add a link to Facebook remove the “http://www.” from the beginning of the link URL and remove the “/” from the end of the URL.

For Example, If the URL is:

When you go to link to the url in Facebook you should only enter:

This solution/workaround worked for me right when I first began experiencing the problem.

If you find any other solutions please share them in the comments section!

Anson Alexander

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192 Responses to "Fix- Articles Linked on Facebook Don’t Display Thumbnails / Images"

  1. Jeremy says:

    I had the following 3 problems with the Facebook share code:

    1. In the pop-up box that opens within your browser window when you click “share”, the meta text for the product page was not always correctly displayed, sometimes it displayed the sites default meta text, sometimes the products meta text (obviously I want the products meta text to be displayed)

    2. In the pop-up box that opens within your browser when you click “share”, the product image was not always displaying correctly. The site logo was always displayed, but only sometimes was this accompanied by the correct product image. Sometimes an old product image that is no longer on the site was displayed

    3. When the share is posted to Facebook, presuming the correct image is displayed in the pop-up box in #2 and selected, it will not always post the image to Facebook. The meta text plus any comment listed is all that is displayed. Strangely, if the site logo was selected, it always displayed

    Solutions to #1 and #2 are done by visiting the Facebook linter and “linting” the page (i.e. entering the url of the product in the box). This seems to reset the Facebook cache and must be done whenever any changes are made to the product images or meta text

    Regarding #3, after much testing, I realized that Facebook does not seem to like uploading images that have a space in the name. I originally thought it was related to the number of characters in the file name, or the type of characters (e.g. _ or a – ) but no, it just doesn’t like spaces. This is why my site image always displayed and uploaded because it did not have a space.

    All products on my site which sells eco friendly tshirts and gifts now share properly in fb.

  2. Sarabek says:

    still not working. :( I lost my thumbnail after clicking the “no thumbnail” and it disappeared forever for all links.

  3. Anson says:

    This issue seems to be very common but seems to affect users in different ways. I have been very active in trying to find a solution that works for everyone. As you can see in the post, there have been two updates since the original post and I will continue to update as I find useful information.

    Please let me know if any of you have found a solution that is not listed above!

  4. cameron gardner says:

    Hey I am having the same issue, no Picture for my blog.

    I have run it through the developers thing and it didn’t change anything and I tried no www. or / but still no luck

    my blog is

    any chance you can figure out why the thumbnails aren’t showing up in the facebook post?


  5. Anson says:


    What is the exact page you are trying to link?

    Are you trying to link your homepage?

    I noticed that the link to the image on your homepage is:

    That is not really a friendly format for you image links to be in. What service are you using to edit your blog or are you hardcoding it?

  6. cameron gardner says:

    I am trying to link to

    not my homepage website, although when I try to link my homepage no thumbnails work for that either.

    I use wordpress to construct my blog and I just use the upload image thing in the html editor.

  7. cameron gardner says:

    Sorry CORRECTION, haha

    I don’t use the html editor.

    I just use the feature to post a new blog entry that has the html in it. I think its the regular way post are made in wordrpress

  8. Anson says:

    I think the problem with your images is the file path that they are stored under. If you look at my images they are all stored under:

    Yours should be stored under:

    Instead they are under:

    If I go to it brings me to a parallels plesk page (I’m guessing that’s who you host with).

    To start troubleshooting go into your WP Admin Dashboard – settings- media.

    Under “Uploading Files” – make sure both fields are blank and the checkbox is checked.

    Also, when you upload your files make sure you are doing it through wordpress. When writing a post, click on on the upload image button and upload it from you computer. If your media settings are correct it should upload to

    Also, the weird file path is probably do to your blog being at

    I don’t think facebook will like the “~” in your blog URL so changing that (if you can do so without ruining all your site links) may also help.

    Let me know if any of this helps and we can work from there.

  9. ramnivas says:

    I am also trying to get my thumbnail working but it works on my home page but not on the discussion page.
    I am very much frustrated. I removed www part but is is not working on inner pages

    1. Anson says:


      Did you try the other suggested fixes? If so, what did the facebook lint page say? Also, can you let me know the exact address of one of the pages you would like to link?

  10. Tanya says:

    Hi I am having problems with links also, it was working fine on our MODA consult facebook page and added some content this morning chossing the appropriate thumbnail we wanted. When we have added new links the thumbnail has disappeared. Have tried taking our http and the end part but does not work. The links are to a variety of websites but there is no picture ever present.

  11. Anson says:


    Did you try using the Facebook Lint tool?

  12. Vanessa says:

    Could you please help me. Up until a week ago, I was able to link to images on my FB Blog Page, but now it is no longer working. I tried using the Lint Tool, but I’m not really sure what it did?? Please help!

  13. Anson says:

    What is the address of the page you’re trying to link to?

  14. Toby says:

    Great stuff, you found out a way to do it!

    This is perfect help to fix the thumbnail grabbing problem on facebook, thanks!

  15. Ernie says:

    The FB lint link did the trick. Thanks.

  16. Stacey says:

    I appreciate all your research on this most frustrating topic.
    What can you suggest for linking websites on Facebook that we have no control over so cannot edit the code?
    I have tried removing the http://www. and also the last / but this is still not working for me?
    Even on my own website, (I don’t actually maintain this myself as I am a complete non techie) I can’t get a thumbnail to show on FB.
    Any further help you can offer would be great.

  17. Anson says:


    I just tried linking to the entire address on my facebook [] (without the brackets) and the thumbnail displayed right away.

    Try again and let me know if it is still not working because I cannot recreate your issue.

  18. Sherry says:

    I can’t get thumbnails to load on facebook today. My biz depends on people linking from facebook…not good! Help?

    1. Anson says:

      The thumbnail is still showing up for me when I link it to my Facebook. It makes me think that the issue is specific to your computer. Try clearing your cache and try again. Also, make sure you’re posting the full link:

  19. Jon says:

    I’ve tried just about everything and still no thumbnails. This is the case on a Mac, PC and iPhone, at home and at work. What’s strange is that everything was working great until about a day ago, when it just stopped.

    The thumbnails do, however, work with my online store: Still, I’d like to get them working for my main site again:


  20. Anson says:

    Hmm, I see your problem Jon. I shared the link on FB and 15+ thumbnails were available but when I actually hit submit nothing showed up.

    I’m going to take a closer look as I have not seen this particular version of the problem before.

    Please comment back if you find a solution!

  21. robert says:

    The same problem as Jon. When the dynamic picture is an icon from thumbnails folder doesn’t work. When picture is the part of the text shows properly. Facebook URL linter doesn’t show any error.

  22. Jon says:

    I may have found the problem. The folder on my computer that has the pictures is called “Photos and images.” I created a new folder with no spaces, called “PhotosAndImages” and tried it again with photos placed in the new folder. It took about a day to show up, since Facebook tends to cache old photos (another frustration of mine!) and the thumbnail showed up. I tested another post with an image in the old folder (the one with spaces) and the thumbnail did NOT show up. Could it really be as simple as that? Why did it work fine for almost two years before suddenly having a problem with spaces?

  23. Anson says:

    One thing that I would suggest to both of you deals with my second suggestion for fixing this problem. In the forbassplayersonly website some of the images have an “alt” tag associated with them and none of them have a title tag associated with them.

    Facebook likes images that are referenced properly so I would definitely add this meta data to all images.

    Robert, I don’t know what the link to your site is because you linked to your facebook page but I would definitely take a look at how your images are references because this is very important.

    You should always include as much meta data as possible for images so not only Facebook can find them easily but so Google and other site crawling services can find them as well.

    1. Jon says:

      Thanks, Anson! I did see some suggestions to that effect, but I wasn’t sure exactly what to put or where to put it. When I see html code in someone’s response, I’m never quite sure what’s part of the code and what’s the “your info here” part (including quotation marks, etc.). Can you (or someone) simplify that for me? Thanks!

  24. Anson says:

    I think I found something that will really help you Jon. The links to your images look like this:

    img src=”Photos and images/Emails/Herrera.jpg”

    Instead you need to reference the entire address of the image. You image will never be found if you don’t do this.

    For the particular image above you should reference it like this instead:

    img src=””

    Using the short version that currently use is fine is people are go directly from your site to the image but bots that crawl your site have no idea where image is by the link that you’re currently using.

    This will solve your problem my friend.

  25. Anson says:

    Also, make sure after you make these changes that you run through the facebook linter again so that your page is recrawled.

    When you upload images from now on you should use “-” instead of a space and that will get rid of the “%20″ in the url of the image.

    Your link would then look like this:


    1. Jon says:


      I tried it (including the linter). I guess it takes some time before it sticks. In the meantime, though, thanks for the tip. Very helpful and much appreciated!!!

  26. Anson says:


    The image source is still showing up with the old link when I look at the page source:

    img src=”Photos and images/Emails/Herrera.jpg”
    The parte where it says img src=… need to have the full file path that I showed in an earlier comment.

  27. Jon says:

    I think I’ve got it! Thanks!

  28. Anson says:

    Yeah taking out those spaces will definitely help and I can see in the page source that you’ve done that.

    You might want to think about using the full file path in the future though as well.

  29. Jon says:

    You mean add this before Photos…?

  30. Anson says:

    Yes the image source should look like this instead:

    img src=””

    1. Jonathan Liebman says:

      Looks like a big project, but it should be worth it. I still can’t understand why everything was fine until it abruptly stopped working. Thanks so much for solving my problem! : )

  31. Leslie says:

    Hi, I am having the same problem. I tried renaming my photos with no spaces, tried the lint tool, and tried taking off the http:// and / off of my link. No dice. The only thing I cannot do is edit the header because I don’t have that option on I’ve been having the problem for 4 days now. :( Any ideas on how to fix it?

  32. jin says:

    Hi Anson, I’ve tried the lint tool and also tried omitting the http:// but it still doesn’t work. The thumbnail selector shows up when I attach the link, but when I click “share” the thumbnail disappears. How do I fix this? Thanks!


  33. Anson says:


    What is the address of the page you’re trying to link on Facebook?

    1. Leslie says:

      ha-that would be helpful, right? sorry! My site is now down because I’m working on redirecting the old link to the new site, so I’m giving you a new link:

      Interestingly, pics were not working from my new site, either! Until today.

      Thanks for the help!

      1. Anson says:


        It doesn’t surprise me that your images are working now because here is the URL from the main image on the link you gave me:×139.jpg

        Based on the criteria for uploading images I’ve provided in this post your image URL looks exactly as it should!

  34. Anson says:


    Are you using a plugin that automatically resizes your images? They have really long file names and I think if you take out the % symbol in the filenames and give them an alt tag then facebook will find them. The particular image I took a look at is located here:

    Notice at the end of the file name we have “thumb%5B1%5d”. Facebook isn’t going to like the percentage symbols. Try reuploading an image with a simply file name with not spaces and try linking that to Facebook.

    Remember to probably fill in all meta data for the image as well (title, alt, etc.)

  35. jason says:

    I was having the same issue and when using lint noticed the reference to og:image which was my gravatar. The code was inserted by the Facebook Like button plugin. It wouldn’t allow me to clear the field so I just switched the value to N/A and what do you know. All of my images were available when I reposted the link…

  36. Moshe says:


    We’re having problems getting FB to upload Thumbnails and Descriptions. Would appreciate it if you could take a look and give us some tips.

    Preview shows the correct image, but no images appear on the FB page.

    Here’s a sample page for your reference.

    Thanks in advance!



  37. Anson says:

    As I mentioned above, Facebook doesn’t like .png files so that appears to be your problem. All the images I see on your site are in .png format.

    Let me know how it goes!

  38. mybeerbuzz says:

    Hi Anson…hope you can help. A week or so ago my thumbnails stop showing up on FaceBook. Of course the lack of thumbnails has killed my traffic.

    My site is

    It’s a standard blogger site and it’s been working fine, then on or about March 15th my thumbnails dropped. I’ve tried everything you suggest and no luck. My posts use a mix pf .jpg and .png files and neither one will show as a thumbnail on FaceBook.

    With each blog post I click on the standard blogger Share on FaceBook at the bottom of the post and choose the graphic from that post as a FBok thumbnail and now it won’t work. If I choose a different graphic on my page it sometimes works, but the graphic from the post won’t work.

    I know recently blogger had an issue with their Share on Facebook not working (maybe that fix messed this up?)

    Anyway I’m hoping you can help? Any ideas?

  39. mybeerbuzz says:

    One additional tidbit….
    I use Office Live Writer to post to my blog. If I don’t use live writer, the FBook thumbnail works! Not sure why Live Writer images don’t work and regular blogger posts do. Could be where and/or how they link to the images? I thought they were both picassa

  40. Anson says:


    Based on my first look I have a couple suggestions that might help you. I’ve never used live writer but it sounds as though your assumption is correct- the way office writer links the images is most likely the issue.

    The main picture on your homepage has this link:

    The two issues I see with that link are that it has percent symbols in the name of the .jpg file. It seems as though it is being named automatically and those % signs are being added during that process so if there is a way you could change the naming specifications I think it would help.

    Also, the ?imgmax=800 may cause problems. I would fix the % signs first, lint the page and try linking again. If that doesn’t work see if you can remove the ?imgmax=800. I would think that part of the URL is added because of an automatic image resizing plugin or add on.

    Hope those suggestions help!

    Let me know how your progress goes.

    1. mybeerbuzz says:

      Thanks for looking. If I post via the regular blogger web interface the same graphic you checkout becomes

      And it works on FBook. Looks to be a LiveWriter issue. Problem is I can’t control it in Live Writer as far as I know. I simply insert from my hard drive or paste the graphic in and that’s the path Live Writer uses.

      Also when I click on the Share on Facebook link…it doesn’t directly reference the graphic so I can’t fix it there.

      I’d like to think FaceBook is fixing this, but I’m not holding my breath, and I doubt it’s even on Microspft’s radar.

  41. David says:

    Hi, all was fine up to March 8th. Then no thumbnails show up with my website links. It brings up the image selection box fine, I select the image I want, but when posted it is not there, just the link itself.

    link example:

    it gives me the various image selections, to include those in the main website frame which actually seem to post but the images of the actual item that i require do not, although present in the facebook image selection box.

    Can’t understand why it worked fine but now does not.

    can you help?

  42. Anson says:


    On the link you gave me the reason the images are not found by facebook is because they’re embedded in a slider and therefore the image path is not hardcoded into the web page.

    Your homepage is using a flash image which also will not be read by Facebook.

    Try inserting a normal image, not in a slider and not a flash image on one of your pages and trying sharing on facebook.

    1. David says:


      Thank you.

      How come it worked fine up until March the 8th? Facebook had no problem with the images embedded in the slider until then, very odd.

      Thanks for you help though.

      - David

  43. emilyhaha says:

    Glad I’m not the only one having this issue! I don’t host my own site, so I’m at the mercy of Thumbnails quit showing up a few days ago and one even disappeared off of FB after it was originally there!

    I’m trying to get the first image from this link to show up as a thumbnail on FB:

    I’ve tried the, the, removing the http:// and the “/” and everything in between. Any thoughts? Help! Thanks, Em

  44. Anson says:


    Here is the link to your main image on the link you provided:

    The problem is the same as a lot of users are having. There is some kind of plugin you have installed to resize your images that is adding the “?w=500&h=373″ at the end of the link address.

    If you can figure out what is doing that you will solve your problem.

    Your image path should look like this:

    1. Josh K says:

      Im using squarespace blogging software and tried the solutions you mentioned. Still nothing works. Can you offer an insight I may have missed? I even had our developer look at it and he was stumped. Thanks

      The site is and anytime I try to load an individual story no thumbnail works

  45. Anson says:


    You should read some of the comments above to help you out. The link to the main image on your page is this:

    All that Squarespace stuff at the end is making it so Facebook can’t find your images.

    I’m not familiar with squarespace but if you can manually upload your images so they would have a file name such as:

    (Notice it ends with .jpg and there isn’t other stuff at the end), then Facebook would be able to find your images.

    Unfortunately I can only see the end product of everyone’s uploaded images but based on the strict URL in the source code of your pages I can tell you that finding a way to upload images without the extra fluff will solve your problem and the problem that most of the people who have been visiting this article have been having.

    Good Luck!

  46. Anson says:


    I’m not sure why this problem started for you on March 8th. I began experiencing it in February and others experienced it before that!

    I think that is one of the weirdest things about this problem- There isn’t just one cause and when its finally fixed for some people it seems to start happening to other people…

    Facebook, stop the image linking bug!!!

  47. Lauren says:

    Thanks Anson for doing this. I’ve read your tutorial and Qs and As…but will have to re-read, but am probably giving up on having the thumbnail to my link show up. I’ve been doing this/posting links on FB for well over a year with no problem. Last time this worked was on March 12. Also using wordpress, and I haven’t done anything differently. Disappointing that FB isn’t providing clear answer, or rather, any answer at all. So nice of you though to try to help a bunch of people

  48. Magdalena says:

    Hi Anson, I’m having the same problem, from one day to another Facebook stopped showing my thumbnails, maybe you can help me. I tried eveything but it dind’n work. I use
    You can try with this post

    I want to use the first photo as thumbnail

    Any ideas why I’m having this problem?

  49. Anson says:

    Yes Magdalena,

    You’re having the problem because of the same reason as most people. The URL to the first image on your page is this:

    Facebook seems to be unable to read any link that does not specifically end in .jpg or .gif. You’ll notice that there is an extra “?w=129&h=150″ at the end of your image URL.

    I’ve never used so I’ll have to do some research on how to get rid of this but if you have any plugins that automatically resize your images you should disable them.

    Also, if you can manually upload your image and already have them sized correctly this should fix the problem.

    Hope this help and please keep me updated. I’m going to do some research on how to get the image size off the end of image files.

  50. Anson says:

    I just found a post that mentions that automatically resizes images if they are too big and would break the theme.

    To all of you having problems, try uploading the image with the final dimensions that you would like so wordpress doesn’t have to resize it for you.

  51. Magdalena says:

    Hi Anson, this is weird, I have just notice that my Facebook Page has all the thumbnails of the links that I posted for these two weeks!
    I don’t know what I did…

  52. Musthafa says:

    Thumbnail Image not showing in Facebook share and digg also

    I use Gravatar images to my author thumbnails. Only that images shows.
    It was working few days before. But not now. Help please

  53. Musthafa says:

    not working in my website
    gravatar thumbnails shows

    1. Anson says:


      ere is the URL to the first image on your page:

      If you read my section above about image naming it will be quite obvious as to why your images can’t be found.

  54. Jonas says:

    Hi Anson,

    I have read your article and all comments, thanks for the helpful topic you are writing on.

    I have a question about FB image choices.

    Website link:

    When I press Like button on the WordPress site, FB chooses one of the sidebar banners as a default link image (for example instead of choosing a big picture (for example ) and cropping it.

    Maybe you have suggestions why ?

    A day before I tried to use og:image and image_url tag techniques to get a fixed picture to all posts. Lint showed a good image of mine. But I wasn’t successful. I’ve got my fixed image when I pressed Like from WordPress. But when I shared a link directly on to Facebook wall, it showed me no picture at all. So I removed these tags, because people couldn’t share my posts with pictures. When you add og:image and image_url tags do you usually succeed to post such article to FB wall with images ?


  55. Jonas says:

    Another question:
    When I put link to Facebook I get no desired “mushroom” image, which seems to be named in correct way ( Why may it happen so ?


  56. Anson says:


    Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry. I just attached the link:

    to my facebook and I had 9 images available to choose from. I then chose the picture of the mushroom that you linked above and it worked perfectly. I hope my friend like mushrooms!

    Anyway, you site seems fine, the links are correct and I cannot reproduce the problem… Try running your page through the Facebook linter mentions above and then try linking the page again. Make sure you use the entire page address with the HTTP because that worked for me…

    Let me know how it goes!

  57. andrew says:

    Hi Anson, I seem to be having the same problem that Jonas describes, I think you missed a distinction he made in his situation. My thing is this:

    We have a WordPress blog as part of our company website. On that WordPress blog I have installed the facebook Like button. When the Like button is selected, it automatically posts a link in the newsfeed of the person. With that link, it defaults to an image selected from the blog post that the person liked. However, what facebook is doing is instead of choosing one of the images, it is choosing the Captcha image that is part of the commenting process. I understand that you have instructions here for having a constant image always be the default – like a logo – but I would rather that that image be selected from the relevant blog post that is being “liked”; and I don’t want to have to reset this every time I do a blog entry.

    This sounds similar to what Jonas described as well. However – what you described is copying the link manually and entering it yourself on facebook. As you indicated, if I do that I am able to choose whichever image I like as the thumbnail. (Curiously, the Captcha images are not one of my choices.) So. Any advice? The problem I am having is specifically attached to the Like function.

    Here is the address for our blog:

  58. andrew says:

    … and to follow up, I went to Jonas’s blog, clicked Like, and when I checked my newsfeed, no mushrooms, it was some logo or something, but no mushrooms. So Jonas and I ARE having the same issue.

    BTW – I tried running that Lint thing, nothing changed. And some of the other advice about changing the file names, file types or extensions doesn’t apply; my settings already are set to where they should be.

    1. Anson says:

      Andrew and Jonas,

      I now understand your issue. It seems to be different than most people who are visiting this post.

      I have found something that may help. Try adding this line of meta data to your blog page:

      meta property=”og:image” content=”your image link”

      Remember to add opening (< ) and closing (/>) brackets.

      The og:image property apparently tells Facebook which image to use for the like feature.

      I have not tested this but have found a few posts where it is suggested. Let me know the results!

  59. Andrew says:

    Hi Anson, thanks for that. Can you clarify which php file I should put this tag in, and does it matter where in the file it goes? I have tried adding it to the index.php and and also the single.php, and it didn’t have any impact. Or am I missing something here – do I need to add any further parameters to the code? For example, many of my blog posts will have more than one image; how does this determine which image it will select?

  60. Anson says:

    Andrew and Jonas,

    I found the perfect solution to your problem. Install this plugin:

    I just did it for my site and it works perfectly. You may need to update your posts for it to work however.

    1. Andrew says:

      Sadly, the blog portion of our website is running version 2.2 of WordPress, and the developer who built the site has so many things intertwined between the site and the blog section, that it sounds like upgrading WordPress will require a lot of time on their end, and they want an arm and a leg for upgrading. I have tried some of the plugins that work for everyone else, but they won’t cooperate with 2.2. Yeah I know, they should have upgraded WordPress a while ago. But they tell me now that performing the upgrade might “break” the blog – don’t know if that’s their way of keeping me from touching it, but the interface that I have access to through their ftp hookup doesn’t present anything to me that makes it look like I want to try running that upgrade myself.

      Thanks for offering the suggestion, though. I may just be stuck with this the way it is.

      Yet another issue is trying to get the stats out of facebook for the clicks – on their Insights tab, you have to select the facebook page in question. It gives me multiple options of pages with our name, even though only one page with that name exists, and facebook help is completely useless.

  61. Travis says:

    hello im currenlt running my website through and when i run FB Lint to find images it comes up with an advertisement that i cant find anywhere on my page. This is the meta tag that i added into the webpage.

    do i need to change anything for FB to recognize the jpg that i have uploaded to use as a thumbnail.

  62. robert says:

    and ditto, no thumbnails are allowed from all my links and pages

    also I can’t leave comments on posts anymore as hitting the enter button doesn’t do the job on my 2004 iBookG4!

    WTF did Zuckerberg do? the moron

  63. robert says:

    or will it be “pay to play” fno…

  64. Max Peterson says:

    Hi Anson,

    I have been following this thread with interest as i have the same problem with linking from my Facebook Group Middle Eight Music to my website.

    I used to be able to pick a thumbnail from the several on my front page but now there is only one which appears when I click on ‘link’ and it is not the one I want to use.

    The thumbnail images on my website have this URL:

    I upload them using a Ecart program Uniwin eCart Professional which doesn’t unfortunately give me the option to enter alt or title information.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Max Peterson
    Middle Eight Music
    Melbourne, Australia

    1. Anson says:


      What is the address of the page that you would like to link to. You posted the link of the image above but not the page where it is located.

      1. Max Peterson says:

        Hi Anson,

        Sorry about that. Our index page is


        1. Anson says:


          I just took a look at your site (I was unable to load the page yesterday) and I have found what your problem is. Although the address you gave me for your image is the direct address and the correct one, when I look at the source code of your site here is the link I found pointing to that image:


          If you notice, it is a relative link, meaning your site knows automatically to add to the beginning of the image link.

          If you can replace that “relative” link with the explicit link (the one you posted in your first comment) then Facebook should load your images correctly.

          Hope it helps!

          1. Max Peterson says:

            Hi Anson,

            I’ve sort of got around the problem.

            I couldn’t do what you suggested as the image file links were in and don’t show in the source file for index.asp

            But I found another solution by using an image source meta tag:

            Facebook picked up the image immediately!

            It’s a bit messy as it means I’ll have to change the image link manually every time I post a new message but at least I have thumbnails now :)


  65. Max Peterson says:

    Hi Anson,

    Thanks for the excellent service.

    I’ll try your suggestion on a couple of images on our front page and see what happens.

    Best wishes


  66. Max Peterson says:

    For some reason the code for the meta tag didn’t appear in my last reply – it looks like this:


  67. Xavier Stoltz says:

    I am running Joomla and I get images to post on our Facebook pages. I’ve tried a lot of what has been suggested, but no photo will display. Can someone help?

    I appreciate any help.

  68. Xavier Stoltz says:

    I meant can’t get photos to post. It is a news website and thumbnails of the images would be nice to post. Again, I appreciate any help.

  69. JihoNation says:

    I just finished two websites. One is showing up well in Facebook and the other is not.

    Works fine.

    Not work

    The only difference is they are on a different server. Any help will be so so appreciative.

    Thanks in advance

  70. Brian says:


    I'm getting this error message when sharing my site url on facebook.

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    How do i remove that? Can't i have any flash on my site?

    1. Brian says:

      Ok i found out how.
      You have to use the Facebook Lint tool every time you update your site! Thats why many people don't see the effects of their site changes.

  71. RescuePetNet says:

    I've done all of the above and I still can't get it to work. When I go to FB Linter, the image does show up but it does not show up on my FB page.

    Today, after reading this article and trying the link without the http:// in front, it didn't even give the option for the thumbnail…not even the generic blue square.

    So, I went to run my current post under Linter just to see and accidentally pasted my image url, (I had checked it earlier after reading through), and I get this:

    "Bad Image Url The image url is not compliant with RFC2396 and will not be displayed correctly."

    I have no idea what that means. I have no spaces, no extra info, nothing. My image code is identical to your image code that you displayed above.

    Do you know what this means and do you know how I can fix that?


  72. Igor says:

    I'm having a problem to.

    When I put link on a Facebook fan page, it won't take the picture which is placed with article.


    Can you help me?

  73. thomas j. says:

    Hi there,
    I've tried all of your suggestions above, yet am still having the same problem. I'm only Blogger. Here's my website-
    And for example, a link I'm having trouble with is-
    When I click the add on facebook button below the post, it only uses one of the images from the post, and distorts it.

    Also, I'm confused about the Image Format & Meta Data code. I see that it's in the html of my site under the "posts" area. I tried moving it, and it just messed up the format of my blog. I was also told to post this code w/in each individual post w/ the address of any images I want to thumbnail, but Blogger wouldn't let me us that code. And now, I'm just simply really confused! Any help would be great. Thanks!!!

  74. Madhavan M says:

    Thanks a lot dude… ! Facebook Lint Tool worked for me.

  75. Ruth says:

    I don't know why this doesn't work all the time — sometimes it works fine, and others it will only find like 4 images to choose from and none of those are the product image. There is nothing different or wrong about how these product images are displayed compared to the ones it does pull up. Facebook; you are annoying.

  76. J says:

    it doesn't have anything to do with spaces in my case.

  77. Zeljko says:

    Well, there is interesting situation.
    We've got and alias .

    Face can't get thumbs from .hr domain, but from .com everything is all right, and it's same site.
    So in conclusion, every hint about head, pictures, titles, tags, rel, … doesn't matter, obvious just FB cache.

    Only question is how to force FB to return status since few months ago, when everything with thumbs and sharing work fine on all sites around world.

  78. kalle2000 says:

    Same problem as mentioned above with images that FB linter deems "not RFC2396 compliant" on

    there's much already on how to specify the preview image of your WHOLE site through a pages meta tags. But what is for the images in the posts only?

    Some interesting hints about sharer problem with descriptions already here

    but nothing about images…

  79. Oscar says:

    I hope you can help me out, iv tried everything i found for the last month, i even deleted everything on my page and started all over agagin thinking it was a plugin, theme conflict, but now i think i have everything ok .. the lint tool says its ok , that it should show everything find, i even went and try to fool facebook cache but still doesnt work… can you help me out to see what could it be?

    Thansk in advance

    my page

    here is a post:

  80. Anson says:


    I think it is because the image you uploaded has no "alt" value. The alt tag of an image is even more important than the title tag. Try adding that and see what happens!

  81. Oscar says:

    Thanks so much for the quick answer Anson, i added an Alt value in this post
    but still wont show up in facebook… ¿any ideas? Linter tool still says everything its ok and i even try to fool facevbook cache b y adding ?=1 at the end of the url but still didnt work…

    Would appriciate any ideas on this

  82. Anson says:


    I just noticed you use WordPress. You should install this plugin:
    "Add Facebook Share Thumbnail + Meta". I installed it and have not had problems since. The exact link is in the post above.

    Let me know if it works!

  83. Oscar says:

    I installed the plugin, and now linter tool looks great… but still not showing anything, if you see this "test" artlicle
    when sharing it doesnt show anything

    but linter tool says everything its ok

    i dont know what to do anymore…

  84. Anson says:


    Inside the wordpress backend where you edit the post, there should be a widget on the right side that says "Like Button Settings". Make sure you check the box over there that says "Use the Featured Image for the Image-Tag".

    Set the articles featured image to the one you want to display in Facebook. Save. Run the page through the linter again, and see if that works!

  85. Rebecka says:

    My issues with thumbnail not loading correctly have just recently begun on FB. I've not had issues until my last 5-6 blog posts. I'm a food blogger and the thumbnail is showing only the header on my main blog page and not the photo of the post as it usually does. I've not changed anything on my blog so not sure what's up. I've run the Lint for my blog URL and still no luck

  86. Anson says:


    I just tried to share this link on my Facebook account and the thumbnails displayed perfectly.

    Are you still having problems?

  87. Randal Oulton says:

    Thanks for the LINT tip. My situation was that a link I went to post today to facebook wouldn't show thumbnail when posted, even though it found and showed it in preview (and thumbnails *had* been working.)

    Inside the source code of the web page being linked to, I had both:
    <link rel="image_src" etc and
    <meta property="og:image" /> etc

    All properly formatted image links, no spaces, no tacked on parameters to image file name, etc.

    Here's what I found out through trial and error.

    The LINT tool found and approved of the <meta property="og:image" /> that I had in the pages.

    However, the LINT tool complained that og type, title and url were missing.

    So I went to myself, hmmm, I wonder, if you're going to supply og image info, maybe it breaks everything unless you supply some other og info?

    So I supplied the above three og bits in the page header, with some other og info for good measure… (did this in a content management system that applied it automatically to all my web site pages) …. refreshed my facebook page, and voila:

    1. All the link thumbnails that had disappeared came back.

    2. I then re-posted today's website page link on my facebook page. Saw the designated thumbnail icon in preview. AND it stayed when I actually clicked the Share button.

    Whoo hoo. So I'm back in the facebook thumbnail business.

    Well, today anyway. We'll see what they change tomorrow that breaks it all again.

  88. Meagan Paullin says:

    I think I read through all of the comments, and I've tried some solutions, but no luck so far. If anyone has advice, I'd love to hear it!

    I had sporadic problems with fb not loading the thumbnail pic I wanted for a post, but I always at least had the option of using my blog logo. Reading the post here, I can see a few solutions that probably would fix that type of once-in-awhile prob, easy peasy.

    I recently had a blog redesign done, and switched to the Genesis framework and a new Studiopress theme. LOVE the new set up, but now fb won't share my posts right!!

    Here's whats weird, and maybe it'll give someone an idea on how to fix this:

    If I share a post that I originally made BEFORE the redesign, it wants to post to fb with my OLD blog logo which is not on my new site, or will share the featured post pic.

    If I share a post made AFTER the redesign was installed, it will ONLY show a big blue Gravatar logo!! WTF, right? No option to show my logo, no post pic, no ad from sidebar, nothing.

    Example: share my new giveaway:, either by using the share button on the post, or by copy/pasting. Just blue gravatar. I'm starting to HATE gravatar….

    I'm super non-techy, but even my designer had no idea what this was about, and no solution. PLEASE help me?? I'll come back here to check and see if anyone has ideas… Or if you're an amazingly nice person, you can email me direct at, or message me on fb at or Meagan Paullin.

    *Fingers Crosse*

  89. Anson says:


    I first tried linking to the page you sent me in FB and the only image that would show up was your site's logo. I then ran the page through the Facebook linter that is linked on the post you commented on.

    After doing that, the main image of the post displayed on FB.

    Try it for yourself and see.

    Also, your ALT tag is blank for that image and it would really help your SEO and sites like FB find your image if you give it an ALT value.

    Keep me updated but I think the linter worked!

  90. asi ace says:

    Thanks champ! you saved my life :)

  91. Cenk says:

    Hello Anson,

    I have actually sent you a Facebook message seeking help for my website. My problem is with administering the Facebook Pages created via the Open Graph Tags. Facebook gets all the correct info when you share the links under my domain, but only 2 of the 30 links (which I already "liked" as the admin of the pages) are listed under my pages in Facebook and even those 2 do not have the images. Any suggestions?

  92. Dave says:

    Hi Anson!

    Thanks for all the great work you're doing here helping as much as you can…

    I'm running this humanitarian news blog and I've tried EVERYTHING I found here, EVERYTHING, to no avail. My thumbnails were showing fine until this morning. All I did do yesterday is empty my cache using W3 Total Cache which has been installed from the very beginning. Did not add a plugin, do not use some kind of image resizing plugin, none of it. Still, not only did Facebook stop pulling my thumbnails but it stopped pulling my site's description too. I've used LINT and it shows NO problem on the URL's (except duplicates which always were mentionned but never affected my thumbnails). I must add that this new issue happens with both OLD posts and the NEW one I posted this morning. I update posts on a daily and I cannot afford to have my logo as the sole image showing up for each and evry post. Finally, what's weirder is that my Facebook LIKE works fine, even showing the right thumbnail. And also whenever I preview my link in Facebook, it does catch the thumbnails, give me the options of choosing which pic I want, but then no matter which one I choose, it doesn't post anything but the post's canonical URL and the site's name and URL.

    Here's my latest post:

    PS: I'm using default permalink. I know it's not the best for SEO but it never affected Facebook. Plus I wanted to migrate to custom permalink but then I lose all my facebook LIKES on every post. So I'm stuck with default permalink, but that's another issue. Please help on the THUMBNAIL issue which is driving me out of my mind and killing my traffic… Will be greatly appreciated…

    1. Alain says:


      I tested your link and I have exactly the same problem as you. And this problem appears end of august !
      Did your find some tracks?

      1. Dave says:


        I'm yet to find a solution to this. And yes, your workaround does function, I've been using it for the past couple of weeks but only YOU (the blog's owner) know that. Casual visitors wanna share posts on facebook and still can't. It's beyond frustrating. It's close to depressing…

  93. Alain says:


    I hope to find some help with you. When I try to share a page of my website as the preview is ok (I have integrated the og meta). Also I have run the linter but when I click onShare I don't get the preview but just the name of my website with the good link.

    Other exemple

    Any idea will be welcome because I am blocked on this and I really don't understand.


  94. Holli says:

    I am desparate for help with this issue. I am on the verge of tears, I have been trying to fix this for months. I have added og meta tags, inserted new code in the header and/or functions, tried plugins, every piece of advice I can find. I still cannot get thumbnails to display on my links, and it is really affecting traffic.

    If anyone would be willing to help me, I would be so so grateful. I can provide copy of code and links etc.

  95. Alain says:

    Hi Holli,

    Same for me since the end of august. I really think that it is a bug in Facebook. As you I tested everything….

    For now I copy paste the string I want to see in FB as a status.

    How to open an incident to FB?

  96. modra ideja says:

    I've got this problem also from the end of august and it's driving me crazy. I've triend hundreds of sollutions and still nothing has changed…

  97. Alain says:

    Same for me modra…
    Yesterday I found a workaround… (just tested once)

    1/ I added og meta tag on my web pages and

    2/ when I want to publish on my FB page I don't use my FB account, I click on the "Like" button on my web page, then the publication appears on my profile correctly using this way.

    3/ Then I click on share and I select my FB page. The display is correct.

    4/ After that I remove the publication on my profile.

    For now I didn't find others solutions. Tell me if this works for you

  98. Adam R says:

    Hey Anson,

    When my site first launched I shared a post to FB without so much as a single problem. This was September 13th. The link I posted on FB was:

    Now, just today, I noticed the dreaded issue started. I recently posted a new article:

    With this post, I could not retrieve a thumbnail.

    So I did some research, went through your well-written post and tried the following:

    -Worked the Lint Tool and added neccessary OG code
    -Verified that all images contain no characters or signs after the ".jpg" extension.
    -Verified that all images contain no "%" signs or spaces in their file names.
    -I even actualy went in and uploaded ALL images to the media library, and made sure they ALL had ALT tags.
    -I have tried all variations of removing "http://" "www." and "/" from their appropriate spaces in the link when sharing.

    Is there something I'm missing? The first time I shared an article the image had a "_" in the filename but it still posted to Facebook without a problem, but now when I've retried to post that SAME post, it doesn't show, so I don't believe this one paticular character is the issue.

    Any ideas? If you can help me man, I will personally make sure I spread the word as far as I can.

  99. Catherine Sherwood says:

    I have a related issue. When I posts links to one, specific Facebook page (using an account of one of my business clients), the image associated with a link appears when I set up the post to their wall, but is missing when I actually share it. This applies to all links from my client – not just ones to their website. If I go into the Facebook page and post the same link form my personal account, this does not happen. Does anyone know what may be going on? Once I did get a CAPTCHA box and – by entering the alphanumerics – got the image loaded. However, that only happened once.

  100. MDC says:

    I read the article and many of the comments- not all- so sorry if this is a duplicate, but after HOURS of fooling around with OG tags, naming etc. we finally found that images have to be larger than 50px wide and high. We created a new image at 178×60 and finally it showed up. I hope that helps solve somebody's issue. We found this documentation: "og:image The URL to an image that represents the entity. Images must be at least 50 pixels by 50 pixels. Square images work best, but you are allowed to use images up to three times as wide as they are tall."

  101. Candace says:

    For those experiencing this problem with Youtube links, I think I've figured out why (at least, one of the reasons). I recently uploaded a video, but the process seemed to have stopped after a few seconds, so I canceled it and started again and then it uploaded fine. I think doing this, however, screwed up the auto-generation of an image thumbnail, as one never loaded/showed up on my "My Videos" page, despite showing as a preview on the video player itself.

    As a result, when I tried to post the link to Facebook, it would not generate a preview image or call up its description. Like I said, I have a feeling this was due to me canceling my initial upload.

    Anyhow, so just as a precaution, if you notice that your video does not generate a thumbnail on your "My Videos" page after a few minutes, and you plan to link it on Facebook and want the preview, you should probably delete the video and try the upload again, as it seems the no-preview problem NEVER goes away in this particular case (I tried all the tricks on this page to no avail :/ and it's been over 12 hours since I uploaded the video)

  102. Holli says:

    I have been trying to fix my 'no thumbnails on fb' problem for a year now, I am on the verge of tears. I would be willing to pay someone at this point to help me work out what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone spare the time to look at my site and the code and help me out?

  103. Mikem says:

    I purchased this web and domain from godaddy.
    When I copy and paste my url and put a post on my face book page which is Space Makers of Leland which is in NC, it automatically puts an ad on there from godaddy with their logo. They tell me that it is face book doing it and it doesn't matter can anyone tell me how to stop it from coming up.

  104. Kerby says:

    I'm having the same problem with my blog.

    It was okay few weeks ago. Then suddenly the problems just popped out of nowhere. Images won't show up when shared on facebook including the description when I tried to share a link from a single post. Hope you guys can help me.

  105. handmade gift says:

    if I have plugin which can share my article automatically when published, how can I add the script

  106. Connie Myres says:

    Thank you! This solved my problem.

  107. Sherry Ann Price says:

    Hi, I have a problem with sharing thumbnails on facebook. When I go to share a story from my website, powered by, I copy the URL link, enter, pick a thumbnail, etc and share from my page FRIDAY HARBOR. All is good until someone shares the link and then the thumbnail changes to some other random photo, usually an AD from my website. Is there anyway to stop this from happening? Thanks :)

  108. Kushal says:
    this is my personal blog,which has a share on facebook button on it,but when i share it,,
    it says to me that "this message cannot be psoted on your timeline"
    I have been trying to debug since a long time..
    Any suggestions?

  109. Drewonimo says:

    Hi Anson — great advice and insights here. Linking from my website used to work great on FB but has stopped working in past week. Essentially, all pages' meta data get ignored and FB only shows meta for homepage. I've tried the linter several times in several ways and each time it redirects to home page without explanation. As a result, every link on FB misses the page information I want fans to see.

    Example: shows correct meta data for that page, but linter just shows home page. Any clues? I've looked everywhere and you seem to be most on top of this! Thanks.

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      I just took a look at the page you linked about and all the Facebook meta data is included but the meta URL listed in the page source is the URL for your homepage. That is why Facebook is posting that page instead. You may want to look at how your code is configured or your plugin if you are using one. It seems that for the og:url metadata, is is pulling the homepage for all of your pages. Here is what it looks like on all pages: <meta property="og:url" content=""/>

      If you can get that to display the URL of the current page instead, it should work.

      Are you using WordPress by any chance?

      - Anson

      1. Drewonimo says:

        Thanks for the fix, Anson! Worked like a charm. The Open Graph page laying out the meta tags is confusing on URL. It implies that the "fetched URL" and "canonical URL" are essentially the page URL and the site's base URL. Confusing.

        I'm on Movable Type, which works for me. But I'm frustrated how few resources, plug-ins, development for it there seems to be in relation to other platforms.

        1. Anson Alexander says:

          I'm glad it helped Drew!

  110. JB Willers says:

    Hi there Anson,
    (Love your blog sbtw.)
    I am an Attorney (sorry) and responsible for our small firm’s website. The site is written with ASP and so far is working fine. I added FB Like API to enable visitors to comment on Legal related news that I post in a News section.
    The Facebook API however says “Warning: is unreachable.” (for example) for any specific article selected.

    Now as I understand this has to do with the Open Graph code of Facebook and how the tags are described on that page.

    However when I add the following OG tag to the ASP page:
    <meta property="og:url" content="“>
    Purprose of the ASP code is to dynamically change the Meta Tag to the specific URL.

    I just get an ugly VBScript runtime error ’800a01a8′ Object Required….and the page will as such not even display.

    I can’t really find answers to this but this might be that I am looking for it in the wrong places or asking the wrong questions?

    As you stated in the article above the FB code doesn't like Questionmarks (Mark Z subtle way of dominating the world maybe?)

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      Unfortunately I am not very versed in programming with ASP so I cannot help in your specific situation but I can tell you that if you can manage to get the og:meta tags programmed correctly to dynamically pull the post's permalink (as we do in PHP as well) your thumbnails will display correctly. Make sure you run the post through the Facebook linter after updating as well – it is basically clearing Facebook's cache.

      - Anson

  111. MarsupialMama says:

    Hi…Up until yesterday, my facebook thumbnails were working just fine, I've never had a problem. Suddenly today, they're not working! I managed to fix most of it with fb Lint (thank you!) but there is one post that still won't show a thumbnail and I can't figure out why, I've tried everything… (The image was uploaded from an iPad)

    Thanks for any and all help!

    1. Anson Alexander says:

      After taking a quick look the first thing I noticed is that there are no og:meta tags within the post. If you can get that straightened out I think it will work!

      - Anson

      1. MarsupialMama says:

        Thank you so much for your quick response, Anson. I'm not familiar with those tags, do they need to be put in for each post, or can I go to the blogger dashboard and add them to the template thingy? Sorry, I'm really unfamiliar with all this kind of stuff…

        1. Anson Alexander says:

          I'm not too familiar with blogspot – I actually use WordPress. Is there a way you can edit the header of your site? The header is the same for all pages on your site so if you can add meta data to the header, that is where the "og" tags would go.

          1. MarsupialMama says:

            Hi, sorry… I've had a really hard time understanding this (been browsing through tutorials all afternoon, my head may well explode soon…)

            Are the Meta tags you have listed in the above article under Image Directory what I should use in my blog's header? Or do they have to be og:meta? I found where the "header" is on my blog, I go into template and then choose HTML and I get a general section, then underneath it the Header section. Does it matter which meta I choose?

            Also, because mine is a personal blog, I would like for a different thumbnail to get uploaded onto facebook each time I make a new post. Is this possible by simply putting that new code in the header part of the blog? Or would the thumbnail appearing on fb always be the same one? What I would like is for each time that I share one of my posts on fb, for the picture relevant to that post to appear, not the "main" picture from my blog if that makes sense. Does that mean I would have to put a new og:meta in each individual post, or am I good just doing the header thing like you said?

            Sorry about so many questions! I'm the "techie" in the family, but as you can see my skills are sorely lacking!

          2. Anson Alexander says:

            You would need the og:meta data in the header of your blog – where you said you found the HTML editor. For example, here is the og:meta data for my homepage:

            <meta property="fb:app_id" content="241509659198917" />
            <meta property="fb:admins" content="ansona4" />
            <meta property="og:site_name" content="Technology, Tutorials, Facebook and Infographics |" />
            <meta property="og:description" content="Technology, Tutorials and Infographics" />
            <meta property="og:type" content="website" />
            <meta property="og:image" content="" />

            Now when you look at that it looks like I hard coded the imge URL but in the code of my website I used PHP to pull whatever the featured image of the page is. So for wordpress it looks like this:

            <meta property="og:image" content="<?php the_post_thumbnail( 'single-post-thumbnail' ); ?>" />

            I will update this post soon with OG meta info but hopefully that can help you – don't worry if its frustrating, Facebook is making this much more complicated than it should be. Unfortunately we're at the mercy of them.

            - Anson

  112. MarsupialMama says:

    Thank you.. I think part of the problem is that I used an online template for my blog. I think it's written in css? I tried to put this:

    <meta property="fb:app_id" content="AUTISM.R0CKS" />
    <meta property="fb:admins" content="587741285" />
    <meta property="og:site_name" content="Autism Rocks" />
    <meta property="og:description" content="The celebration of a little boy and his continuing fascination with rocks, stones and pebbles; and the experiences of the Mama who loves him." />
    <meta property="og:type" content="blog" />
    <meta property="og:image" content="" />

    under "header", and then again under "headings and resets", but it just did something funny to the page and made it go out of sync. Stupid facebook…. :(

    Thanks for all the help though! I think your site is really great and it's really nice of you to do so much to help people.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  113. Sharon says:

    Anson, thanks for all the great advice here but nothing is helping..not even that plug-in for WP. I have several websites, same WP designer and this is the only one that's giving me grief. I get this small vertical photo in Facebook and I cannot get an EXCERPT in my posts! Nothing can help get that excerpt up! I have no idea what to do! I'm not getting any hits from all my viewers there….the photo just cuts off everything.

    Please help!!!! I'm desperate!

    1. Anson Alexander says:


      If you provide a link to your site, I'll take a look.

      1. Sharon says:

        Thank you so much Anson! It's I am having problems getting decent photos and excerpts from showing up from a post. Not the domain. Thank you!!!!! Please email me at registered address if I can compensate you for fixing this please.

        1. coralspringstalk says:


          PLease don't forget about me!!!!

          1. Anson Alexander says:

            I haven't forgot about you! I've just been real busy lately. I just took a look at one of you posts and here is the meta information I found for it:

            <meta property="og:site_name" content="MarketWatch"></meta>
            <meta property="og:type" content="article"></meta>
            <meta property="og:url" content=""></meta>
            <meta property="og:title" content="South Florida's Digestive CARE(TM) Supports Colon Cancer Awareness During March, Colon Cancer Awareness Month"></meta>

            It is missing the og:image tag and the og:description tag in there. If you can add those two tags and run the URL through the Facebook linter, it will work.

            Do you know how you added the rest of those og: tags?

            - Anson

          2. coralspringstalk says:

            Anson, that's not my post or my website. My website is can you try a post from that?

          3. Anson Alexander says:

            Ahh sorry about that – I must have click on the recent news section of your homepage. I think I may have found something for you. Here is the meta data from the source code of one of your articles:

            <meta property="og:description" content="<p>Huge Community Garage Sale Saturday March 3rd from 8 am &#8211; noon in the west parking lot of JP Taravella High School, corner of Coral Springs Drive and Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL</p>
            <meta property="og:title" content="Huge Community Garage Sale hosted by JP Taravella High School Drama Club"/>
            <meta property="og:type" content="article"/>
            <meta property="og:url" content=""/>
            <meta property="og:site_name" content="Coral Springs Talk"/>
            <meta property="og:image" content="×180.jpg"/>

            It looks good except for one thing- there are <p> tags in the description section. I've never heard of that being a problem but since that is the only part of your post that is not working in Facebook, i would suggest trying to remove those, running it through the debugger and seeing what happens. Other than the <p> tags it looks like it is coded correctly so try that first.

            Let me know how it goes!

          4. coralspringstalk says:

            Dear Anson,

            The Designers said, "Are you sure they paragraphs are not in the post themselves? I ask these questions because the Editor is for the php code, and may not contain the <p> tags you are referring to."

            I see that in the linter the name of the image is uploading into the media file and putting numbers in there….do you think those numbers are messing up, or confusing facebook or do all images in the Linter have Height and Width information?


            Besides not having an excerpt….I have this awful vertical photo

          5. Anson Alexander says:

            The image problem could very well be the image size added on to the end. A lot of users have reported having problems with re-sized images. As for the description part, I'm not exactly sure what your developers meant but if you look at the source code of your posts, the og:description section is set up exactly as it should be except for the fact that there are <p> tags inside of it and on mine and others I look at, there are no <p> tags. So by process of elimination, it seems that those tags would be the main problem right now.

            - Anson

  114. Joni Nelson says:

    Hi Anson,

    Thank you so very much for providing such a great site. It is written so clearly–even for the non-techie like myself.

    However, I am continuing to have trouble with thumbnails to both individual posts, as well as, my blog header not displaying in my news feed status. I have run this blog for several years and have never had an issue until just recently.

    I ran the linter this evening and all of the issues it stated needing to be fixed were beyond my level of skill to both understand and work on. I also checked for spaces, etc. in picture titles and they are all saved as jpg. I am not doing anything differently than I have done in the past.

    I use blogger to upload the pictures directly from my computer. My website address is:

    Any help that you could provide would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance for any help.


  115. Jennifer says:

    This is my business site and the thumbnails are not coming with the link when I copy and paste into Facebook. Wondering if you can give me some insight on what to do next. This is only happening with my scentsy website, nothing else. Thank you!!

  116. Jenn says:

    I am having the same issues as the above poster Jennifer with my Scentsy website. I used to be able to post links from ANY page of my website and now it either shows NO preview, or it shows OLD images from a few months ago. HELP! I am so frustrated… Here is one link that I have been trying to use..

  117. eMingko says:

    off my blog all properties is loss, image, title and descripion. i've add meta property but not help.

  118. Aj Banda says:

    I tried everything you said but this doesn't seem to show my thumbnail and title still. :(

  119. Sam says:

    Hey Anson! Really hoping you can help me. I have a blog (tumblr) which normally posts on facebook with no issues (I'll write "new posts check out" and have my 15 images on my blog available to choose as thumbnails. Now I'm only ever getting my main one image to use as a thumbnail (not what I want to showcase, when posting about new images)

    Thanks so much in advance for your wisdom.

  120. Ken says:

    I found yet another solution! This has been bothering me for a long time as well.

    None of your solutions worked, but onced I removed all the facebook meta tags from my <head> section (og:title, og:url, etc) and THEN entered the URL in to the "Facebook Lint Tool" – viola! success!

    I was able to copy / paste the URL in to my wall and had 5 choices of thumbnails to use.

    Hope this information helps someone else!

  121. Tracy Heiba says:

    Not sure if this is the same but in the last few months every time I share a video from my youtube to my facebook I NEVER get a thumbnail picture to go with it anymore! F.b. started their new timeline plus the new features on Google all started around the same time that this problem occurred. I am not signed up to Google plus.

  122. Joni Nelson says:

    Hi Anson, I posted back on Feb 28 and have been combing the internet waiting for your reply. I have found nothing and the problem still persists on and off with no seeming rhyme or reason. Sometimes thumbnail images will display, most time they won't. PLEASE, please HELP! :( :( :(

  123. Arturas says:

    Hello Alexander,

    Please help me.

    I have simple website with my galleries. Sometime ago, when someone pressed Like button, on viewers board appeared post with thumbnail picture related to post. Now when I or somebody else press Like ("Patinka") in my site, it appears on Facebook wall only as text and somewhere in the bottom as recent activity.

    See pictures:

    By the way, if I wrote any comment before posting on Facebook wall, it appears as supposed to be. Maybe you can help me here? I am very frustrated, tried to reinstall FB like plugin, Facebook thumbnail fix but it won't helped. FB debugger also shows picture correctly. BTW I use WordPres.

    Thank you in advance!

  124. Website Design says:

    Unfortunately the hack in this article no longer works. Remove this line of code from your page and images will load just fine!
    <html xmlns:fb="">

    1. Tracy says:

      Hi! Are you referring to my question from March 25th re every time that I transfer a video from Youtube to Facebook the thumbnail picture does not go with it!!! ??


  125. how to remove scratches from car says:

    I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don't know who you are but definitely you're going to a famous blogger if you are not already Cheers!

  126. Tiziano says:

    Hello to ALL
    I have a problem that I can not find a solution and I would be grateful if you could advise me on

    If I try to share this page on Facebook I have no problem, the image, the title and the description of the page are displayed correctly in the preview of sharing

    The problem comes when I try to share the same page with a code ?distr different type, there is no way to preview the correct exit, exit only the link … no picture, title or description

    Can anyone tell me why?
    How is it possible that 2 links that show the exact same page but with different final 2 parameters do not give me the same preview sharing?

    What difference can there be between these two links for Facebook? <- Sharing perfect <- Sharing without an image, title and description

    I anticipate already that all the meta tags required by facebook for the correct display are included into the head's html . . .

    I tell you also that I tried to change the page title and/or the description, but without resolving

    Also if I try to share 2 links on Google+ , the preview of sharing works for both links. . . There is just something about Facebook that I do not return. . .

    Does anyone have ideas and / or suggestions or know why Facebook behaves differently for the 2 links in question?

    Thanks in advance for answers

  127. Emma says:

    Hi there,
    I've read your article and all of the comments. I think I've tried everything, but my FB thumbnails are still not showing up!!!! They used too, and then one day they disappeared. I'm new to blogging/code/lingo etc etc. Please help!!!!!

  128. DLJ says:

    Thanks so much for your help! I have spent DAYS trying to figure out how to solve this issue. For me, it was only a matter of taking off the http://www. and / at the end. I also installed the Add FB Share +Meta plugin just to be on the safe side, and VIOLA, it worked! Now time to have a drink after all of this :-(

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  130. Brad Malow says:

    Hi there,

    I have tried the fixes you mentioned. This page link will not post the jpeg image (thumbnail) posted on the page when I try to post to facebook.

    The home page link won't post a thumbnail either.

    Any help??

    Thanks much.

  131. Alex says:

    Please please help!

    I have tried all the above, I have opengraph plugin, the suggested thumbnail plugin, featured image, app id etc and I still do not get thumbnails. I used to, but not the past month.
    one recent post that does not work is

    Thnks so much!

  132. Suzanne says:


    I have resized images, tried removing last '/' on link but no image showing

    Blog page is

    Please help, much appreciated in advance!

  133. Mark says:

    I have recently found when placing a link on Facebook of my site, FB would only show part of the picture in the status link. FB is apparently preferring to make most of the images at 90×90 displayed. I did see one other example of the image a little larger. So I would not have a chopped up pic on FB, I made a 90×90 pixel of it. However, I needed to place a meta tag in the heading of the HTML.

    <meta property="og:image" content="" />

    (Of course put your address in place of I just made up that name for the example)

    I found the info at

    When posting a link on FB, I found it is best to hit the space bar once or twice after the link. Once the link with pic shows, you can even then back space to remove the typed link and the pic and link will still show.

  134. Mark says:

    To clarify my previous post:
    When I place a link to my website as a status update, FB would show only the middle 90×90 pixel of my banner. To correct that, I made a 90×90 pixel of my banner and placed it in an images folder.
    Then put the meta property tag in the header just before the closing of the header. It may be alright to be anywhere in the header, I just put it as the last tag before the </header>.
    I used the following tag:
    <meta property="og:image" content="" />
    Of course, replace site and pic, with the name of your site and the name of your .jpg image. I only made up those words as examples. Make sure the image is 90×90 pixels in size.

  135. Neeta says:


    Please help!! I am trying to share article links on to the StockMusings face book page. The initial articles were linked successfully with the thumbnails, however the latest ones are just not linking with the thumbnails. I tried almost all the solutions mentioned in the article. When, I posted in the lint tool, it displayed that there is open graph error that needs to be fixed. I did that with a wordpress plugin. Updated in the lint tool, which showed no errors. Changed the name of the photos with no spaces, no success! Please guide me.

  136. Pam says:

    1. I do not have a personal facebook page, but I do have a facebook business page only that I just started. I have noticed that I can see my profile picture fine on my own facebook business page when I comment, add posts, etc. However, when I try to post on another person’s business page, I notice when I post or comment, my profile picture disappears and it just has that “blue and white, John Doe unidentified picture” next to my post. My business name does not even appear as well. I do see other business pages posting away and their profile pictures come up just fine on these same business pages I am posting, commenting on.
    I keep getting responses that say switch to your business facebook by clicking Account but there is no Account on the business facebook page and when I click on the Edit page then click on "use facebook as [my business page] nothing happens. I still have a "Note" that says currently using facebook as . click account to switch to business name but again there is no account! This is driving me crazy!!!! Help!

  137. Michael T says:

    What worked for us: our server has put some of the facebook ip's in the server firewall, so sometimes link posting worked, but other times it didn't, depending on the server facebook was using.

    So remove facebook ip's from the firewall is my advice!

  138. Bert says:


    I can't let it work. I got no picture in facebook, I want to show this picture:

    Any idea what''s wrong?

    1. Bert says:

      Ok it works now.

  139. Reis Quarteu says:

    I tried all the hints explained in this article but none worked for me. I am trying to share the URL but no thumbmail is displayed by Facebook. I am trying to display the 5 large pictures in the header and the 4 small pictures in the left of the web page.
    Any help?
    Many thanks in advance! :)

  140. Piers says:

    The FB lint trick works for me, but does this mean that before we post anything we need to run the URL through FB lint?

    Bit of pain really when you try to automate the syndication. Surely there must be a better way, or shall we just blame FB?

  141. swtor Jedi Knight power leveling says:

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  142. Felipa says:

    Tienes seguro el mejor sitio sobre el tema.

  143. Suresh @ Best Investments says:

    Even I faced similar situation beginning of displaying thumnail images, now I could rectify

  144. Gita says:

    I still seem to having this problem and have no idea to fix this. Google doesn't help me much either, this page is the closest I got to the problem that I have. Am I really the only one ?

    Here's my problem. When I share a link from my website/blog on my facebook page, I get the possibility to upload a photo that previews together with the shared link. The photo then automatically is also uploaded in my timeline photo folder of the facebook page. But with ONE post, ONE link that I shared, the photo didn't upload to the timeline folder, although it did show as a preview with the shared link. But now…the picture disappeared as a preview, and I have no idea to get it back :(
    Is there a possibility or way to edit a previously posted shared link? Can I still add the picture and attach it to that link that I shared without reposting it? Please please please help me!

  145. Ernesto says:

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  149. Mitja says:

    Facebook Don’t Display Thumbnails / Images from my blog.
    can you help?


  150. budyk says:

    I got the same issue at first…anyway…Facebook seems to implenets Cache on every shared url. though we've fixed an url, its still showing Not found/error on Facebook shares for couple days

  151. amit says:

    Hii like u r post
    also vist

  152. mostafa says:

    i copy and paste this link to facebook sattus but did not load any thumb or pics
    plz help me tu fix this

    my link :

    note : the name of this link is persian alphabet but between the words added "-"

  153. Anthony says:

    So when attempt to share my tumblr homepage on Facebook, I can never get the previewed image to be updated with my recent posted images. It ALWAYS goes back to the avatar, which is always downsized to 128×128 and turned into a PNG. How can I change this so that FB won't always take the avatar?

    My url:

    The FB Open Graph Object Debugger warning:

    og:image was not defined, could not be downloaded or was not big enough.

    Please define a chosen image using the og:image metatag, and use an image that's at least 200x200px and is accessible from Facebook. Image '' will be used instead.

    The url host of the damn avatar:

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