Instagram Photos are not Showing up on Facebook Wall [Bug]

Instagram Photos not Showing on Facebook Wall

My Instragram photos are not being posted to my Facebook wall!

If you’re an Instagram user and are experiencing this problem, you’re not alone.

Many users have been vocalizing their frustration regarding how Instagram posts to Facebook – particularly since Facebook bought Instagram a few months ago.

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I have found a few workarounds / details about this problem and I’m going to document them in this article. As more information becomes known, this article will be updated accordingly.

If you have any additional details to add, please leave them in the comments section below so we can all help each other out!

The Problem / Bug:

Photos uploaded from Instagram to Facebook appear in your friends’ news feeds but not on your actual Facebook profile wall.

Solutions / Details:

  1. Upgrade to Facebook Timeline
  2. Now, before everyone goes haywire on me about this one, let it be known that I’m not saying that you have to upgrade to Timeline – I know a lot of you are adamant about the fact that you’re not going to upgrade and when Facebook forces you to, you’re going to quit Facebook. That is fine by me.

    However, about half the people complaining about this problem have not upgraded to Timeline. Most of those users who decided to upgrade to Timeline report that this issue is then resolved.

    So I guess you have to weigh which is more important to you on this one – maintaining the classic Facebook profile or having your Instagram pictures appear on your Facebook wall.

    If you haven’t upgraded to Facebook Timeline, Instagram photos will not appear on your wall. Period

  3. Try Deleting and Re-Adding the Instagram App in Facebook
  4. If you already have Facebook Timeline and are still experiencing the issue, try deleting the Instagram app from Facebook and then re-adding it. If that doesn’t work I would even suggest reinstalling the Instagram app on your phone as well. Can’t hurt right?

  5. Workaround the issue!
  6. A very intelligent workaround for this issue was posted in the Facebook forums that even works for users who have not upgraded to Facebook Timeline yet.

    Once you upload a photo from Instagram to Facebook, have a friend of yours “like” the photo. Then go to their wall and find the photo of yours that they liked. You can then “like” or even “share” the photo from their profile and it will show up on your own!

  7. Instagram is aware of some issues when posting photos to Facebook.
  8. Although the issue that they mention seems to be a bit different than this one, Instagram does have a short support article on this particular issue so we may just have to wait until they straighten it out!

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9 Responses to "Instagram Photos are not Showing up on Facebook Wall [Bug]"

  1. Valerish says:

    After i upgraded the FB app last night, the pix from IG won't show in Facebook. I did try deleting the Facebook app and instagram app then took a photo in IG tried sharing in FB, still didn't work

  2. Rainer says:

    I just started using IG; updated the FB app, installed the IG app, configured the share options… no pix on my wall :(

    I was able to share my own pic from my FB Instagram album, so that's a workaround, but it would be better if the IG app directly shared it on my wall.

    1. kza says:

      same problem too.. :-(

  3. Tim Mcmillan says:

    my pic are going to my timeline & not my wall please i need help

  4. Michael says:

    HI, just got instagram for iphone 5. I have the new timeline

    I noticed when I post from instagram my photos show up on my wall, but not individually. Each new photo I post from instagram is put into an album, and then a shot of the album with all the photos is posted onto my wall, but never just the individual photo itself.

    I checked my friends fee from their computer, and the individual instagram pic shows up fine in their feed, but same thing it is still grouped with all my other photos in an album preview on my wall.

    Any suggestions? I uninstalled and reinstalled instagram on my phone, but no luck

  5. baby girl says:

    well when i try to connect my IG to my facebook its saying no pages found.i deleted the app from facebook an uninstalled it from my phone and still the same thing,by the way i am using an Iphone 4s any help on this one?

  6. shalay says:

    im trying to log into facebook with instagram but its saying wall (Default) ?

  7. Clare says:

    what about when you share your instagram photos to your facebook page and they show in your photos but not on your page wall. How do i get them to show without sharing them from my photos to my wall?

    Help please

    Thank you

  8. Samantha says:

    I'm having a similar problem as well. I click share on instagram and absolutely nothing happens on Facebook. I've successfully uploaded pictures before, but now it isn't working. And Instagram doesn't even say that the login failed or anything. It just pretends to work and then doesnt.

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