Turn Off Volume Control Beeping Sound in Windows 7

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop with Windows 7 installed. Ever since I bought my laptop there is a very annoying beeping sound every time I turn the volume up or down. It is really loud and high pitched.

I finally figured out how to turn it off:

  • Right click on the speaker icon in your bottom-right toolbar and click sounds.
  • sound control

  • In the “Sound” window, select the playback tab, right click on the speaker icon and click properties.
  • In the “Speakers Properties” window, select the levels tab and turn the volume for the PC Beep section all the way down.
  • You computer should no longer beep when changing the volume!
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15 Responses to "Turn Off Volume Control Beeping Sound in Windows 7"

  1. Android says:

    Thank you soo much. been trying to figure this out for a long time. Thanks again

  2. Mojo66 says:

    I am having the same problem w/my Satellite P775.
    When I go into the speaker properties and click on the Levels tab I don't have a PC Beep control, instead I have a Line In control.
    Any help on how I can get rid of this Beeping sound on my computer?

    1. 99ojoM says:

      1. Right click on the speaker icon on the task bar (typically next to the time/date dispaly).
      2. Select "Open Volume Mixer"
      3. There should be "Realtek HD Audio Manager". If not there, press + or – to change the volume – then "Realtek HD Audio Manager" should show up.
      4. Adjust to your liking or turn completely down.

      1. Peggy says:

        THANK YOU SO MUCH! That was annoying the heck out of me!! I have the Satellite P775 too.

      2. idc says:

        Unfortunately this is not a permanent solution. The volume mixer has to be an open/active window. As soon as I close the mixer, the the system sounds reverts to the default setting = beeps again. I really hate this sound!

  3. Rachelll says:

    AH! Thank you so much. Why would they even put that highly annoying BEEP on this? It was like 15x's louder than the actual volume! Thank you, thank you!

  4. Maemo says:

    Thanks a lot mate.. Spent a little time trying to figure it out, then googled it and found this. I don't think I would have figured out that it was located in the playback section if not for this post. Thanks again.

  5. Mark Lee says:

    Thanks — the default beep level was super-irritating. I had made a couple of half-hearted attempts to figure out how to turn it down or off, but you made it easy!

  6. pahaoe says:

    i still cant figure it out non of that worked. i tried it all. any help?

    1. ibusinesslocal says:


      1. Right click on the speaker icon on the task bar (typically next to the time/date dispaly).
      2. Select "Sounds"
      3. Find and select "Default Beep" and set it to "(None)" click apply and it should be gone for good.


      1. pirandello says:

        This one worked for me ! Thanks a lot.

  7. Droid User says:

    Thanks man. THis has been bugging me for a while. It's actually not the beep I mind but how loud it is, especially with headphones in. I kept the beep on but put it at its lowest volume.

  8. Peter says:

    On mine Fujitsu ah530 i clicked speaker icon i have SPEAKERS, SYSTEM SOUNDS & MOZILLA

    i dragged to bottom the leveller on system sounds and whey hey, the annoying ear blasting ding off.


  9. Jdonner says:

    Doesn't work, I never get to see the beep slider and yes, I'm on Windows 7 and yes, I did read all the comments, none help.

  10. JayJayJones says:

    Thanks a lot IBusinessLocal, that worked! I opted for the 'ringout' sound to make it more annoying than before so I'd appreciate it more when it finally turned it off. No longer will good music be tarnished by those awful electronic sounds.

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