4 Tips for Blogging Efficiently and Productively

Tips for efficiency and productivity while blogging or producing content online.

How can I blog more efficiently while maintaining the quality of my content?

If you ask most bloggers and online publishers what the most important aspect of publishing on the web is, most of them will tell you that the quality of your content and the value that you provide your users is top priority.

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For multiple reasons however, it is also important for online publishers to be consistent with their publishing and to provide fresh content to their readers on a regular basis.

How then, can bloggers and publishers maintain content quality while publishing as often as possible? It seems that, almost always, the highest quality content is also the content that takes the longest to produce.

Therefore, one of the primary keys to being a successful blogger and publisher is having the ability to produce high quality content in as little time as possible.

4 Tips to Increase Blogging Speed with Sacrificing Content Quality:

  1. Keep an easily accessible list of article topics

  2. As a blogger, you never know when inspiration is going to hit. It is very important to have the ability to record ideas whenever they happen to present themselves.

    I generally email myself on my smartphone when I am inspired and I have a folder in my email account for “content ideas” that I move the email into.

    Other bloggers prefer to keep a notepad on them at all times. You can use whatever method you’re most comfortable with but just make sure that you’re not forgetting some of you greatest ideas because you don’t have the means to record them when they’re fresh.

    This will save you time when trying to come up with fresh content for your site.

  3. Write on topics that come naturally given the situation

  4. Forcing yourself to write about a topic, even when you’re not particularly inspired about it, is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make as a blogger.

    After looking over your list of content ideas, pick the one that seems to come most naturally.

    You’re not going to feel like writing about all of your topics at all times. You mood and environment can have a big effect on which topics are best fit for each particular situation.

    If you find yourself running into “writer’s block”, take a break or pick a different topic and come back to that one at a later date.

    If your force yourself to write about something that is not coming easily, it will take you a lot longer to formulate your ideas and the final product will also suffer in regards to quality.

  5. Standardize your writing and publishing procedures

  6. If you want to increase your publishing output, this is one of the most important concepts to think about. In order to write and produce on a regular basis, you must come up with some standard processes so that all of the work that goes on both before and after you actually write becomes second nature.

    When it comes to adding images, tags, categories, descriptions, links to other articles and advertisements to my articles, I have nearly the same process for all of my content.

    By doing this, I can dedicate 90% of my time to my content and only 10% of my time to administrative tasks associated with publishing my content.

  7. Stay away from perfectionism

  8. When trying to produce the highest quality content possible, perfectionism may seem like a good idea.

    In reality though, the amount of value you and your readers gain from spending twice as much time producing an article is minimal if the article conveys the same general message overall.

    Obviously you want to make sure that you spend enough time to provide value but the combined value of two “non-perfect” articles is often times higher than the value of one “perfect” article.

    When producing content, if you think you’ve conveyed your message and provided value to the user, you should make your final changes and then publish without spending too much time perfecting.

    Finding the balance between quality and speed is not always easy but it is very important when publishing in the digital arena.

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