Add Twitter Name to AddToAny WordPress Standalone Tweet

The standalone twitter button in the AddToAny Wordpress plugin doesn't @mention the owner of the blog. This tutorial will show you how to configure the plugin to @mention you when someone tweets an article.

If you’ve installed the AddToAny WordPress Plugin you may have noticed that the standalone twitter button doesn’t @mention the owner of the blog. By having your twitter name mentioned when people click the tweet button on your website, you can gain a lot of insight on who you readers are.

Heres how to add your Twitter name to your AddToAny standalone Twitter button:

  1. Navigate your your theme’s plugin’s folder and find the “add-to-any” folder.
  2. Open the add-to-any.php file.
  3. Find this line of code:
    url=' . $linkurl_enc . '&counturl=' . $linkurl_enc . '&
    count=horizontal&text=' . $linkname_enc, 100);
  4. After


  5. Make sure your code looks like this except with your twitter name instead of AnsonAlex:
    url=' . $linkurl_enc . '&counturl=' . $linkurl_enc . '&
    count=horizontal&via=AnsonAlex&text=' . $linkname_enc, 100);

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