"Your disk could not be partitioned" Bootcamp error message fix when creating a bootcamp partition on Mac OS X.

If you’re receiving the Bootcamp error “Your disk could not be partitioned,” when trying to create a Windows partition by using the Bootcamp Assistant on your Mac OS X computer, the video above will show you how to resolve the error.

To resolve the issue we actually need to use a command-line fix from single user mode in Mac OS X.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to have a backup of all of the information on your computer before running commands from terminal or command line on any computer.

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To enter single-user (verbose) mode on your Mac OS X computer, you need to restart the computer and then hold Command and S when your computer is turing back on.

Once you’ve reached the command line screen in single-user mode, enter the following command and press enter:

/sbin/fsck/ -fy

The system will automatically repair any software permissions on your computer – it may take a minute or two.

Once it finishes, type


into the command-line and press enter.

The computer will restart and, once it comes back up, go ahead and try to run Bootcamp Assistant again to partition your drive – it should go through without an error message this time.

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