How to convert digital audio out to a 3.5mm headphone jack for less money by using a digital to analog audio converter.

Converting digital audio out to be played by a device using a headset jack may sound simple but requires a converter and some technical knowledge.

I looked into buying a converter years ago for solving this problem but I was only able to find products in the $300 range.

My problem was simple: I have a TV that has a digital audio out jack but a sound system that uses a 3.5mm headset jack input.

Recently, I was able to find a $40 solution at Best Buy that solved my issue.

The product is made by Insignia and is called “Optical / Coax Digital-to-Analog Converter”.

After setting up the converter, I was successful able to send my TVs audio to my sound system.

For details on how the product works and how you should set it up, take a look at the video above.

Anson Alexander

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