A custom thumbnail template for YouTube in 2014 with a basic design in both .psd and .xcf format.

The YouTube custom thumbnail templates below for Photoshop and Gimp provide users with a basic non-themed YouTube thumbnail template to add their own branding and style to.

In the video above, I show users the different layers in the template and where to add branding content.

Notice that there is a layer called “Runtime (hide” in the template that appears as a red box in the bottom right side of the template. This area will be covered up on YouTube by the video’s runtime meter so make sure that you don’t put anything important in this area of the template. When you’re finished customizing the template and go to export it, make sure you hide the Runtime layer.

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When exporting the file, export it to a .png file or a .jpg file and make sure that it is less than 2MB in size (that is the YouTube limit).

I recommend that you experiment and have fun with the custom thumbnails because a lot of YouTubers can vouch for their ability to increase views and content exposure.

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YouTube Thumbnail Template, GIMP Version (.xcf)
YouTube Thumbnail Template, Photoshop Version (.psd)

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