Pandora Update Allows Unlimited Song Skips

Unknowingly, Pandora has updated their service to allow users unlimited songs skips.

If you’ve used Pandora in the last couple days then I’m sure you’ve noticed the drastic updates that have been made to the Pandora interface.

Unknowingly, Pandora has also updated their service to allow users unlimited song skips.

Previously, if you skipped too many songs in a period of an hour, you wouldn’t be able to skip any more songs until the next hour period.

If you use the new “shuffle” feature correctly, you can skip as many songs on Pandora as your heart desires!

How to Skip Unlimited Songs in Pandora:

    1. Turn shuffle on by clicking “shuffle” at the top left of the screen.

    1. Select the channels you would like to include in the shuffle – if you only want to listen to one channel, then just select only that channel.

    1. When a song comes on that you want to skip, find out what channel it is being played from by seeing which channel is highlighted in the channel list on the left.
    2. To skip the song, simply uncheck the channel it came from, a new song will come on and you can re-check the channel that you just unchecked.

Note: If you only chose to listen to one channel, you’ll have to select any other channel before unchecking the channel you’re listening to to skip the song.

Happy Pandora listening and track skipping!

Anson Alexander

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