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10 Best Travel Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android in 2012 [Infographic]

10 Best Travel Apps iPad iPhone Android 2012 Infographic Large

What are the best travel apps for the iPad, iPhone and Android?

As mobile technologies evolve, so does the supply and quality of travel related apps for mobile devices.

In fact, when you think about it, it makes sense that travel apps would be very popular for mobile devices because they are one of the primary types of applications that need to be accessed when you’re “on the go”.

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Travel related apps for smartphones range from restaurant and attraction locaters to flight trackers.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by HotelsCheap.org that includes the top 10 travel and vacation related mobile apps for 2012.

In summary, here is a list of the 10 best iPad, iPhone and Android travel apps for 2012:

  1. Tripit
    • Travel organizer.
    • Links to your email account and combines confirmation numbers into one place.
    • Can be used for hotel and dinner reservations.
    • Provides maps, directions and weather updates.
    • Free.
  2. Wikitude
    • Augmented reality travel guide.
    • Overlays wikipedia and user-generated content on your phone’s camera.
    • Uses your phone’s GPS, compass and movement sensors.
    • Free.
  3. FlightAware
    • Flight tracker.
    • Notifications keep you update to day with delays, gate changes and cancellations.
    • Free.
  4. Postagram
    • Postcard delivery app.
    • Take a photo with the app and type in an address to send a custom postcard.
    • Free to download, $0.99 for each postcard sent.
  5. Trailhead
    • North Face’s outdoor activity finder app.
    • Uses your location to list nearby hiking trails and bike paths.
    • Can track your speed, distance and elevation.
    • Free.
  6. Kayak
    • Comprehensive flight, hotel and rental car booking app.
    • Includes a packing list feature so you don’t forget important items on your trip.
    • Can track flights, convert currency and list local attractions.
    • Provides price alerts.
    • Free.
  7. AllSubway (iPhone, Android)
    • Subway system map and route planner.
    • Includes subway maps for 137 cities.
    • No internet connectivity required.
    • $0.99 to download.
  8. Yelp
    • Ratings and reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions.
    • Lists nearby doctors, dentists and pharmacies.
    • Superimposes business names over buildings in camera view.
    • Free.
  9. SitOrSquat
    • Public bathroom locater app.
    • Contains a database of over 100,000 toilets.
    • Ranks public bathrooms based on quality.
    • Free.
  10. Trip Journal
    • Travel journaling app.
    • Tracks your trip based on your phone’s GPS.
    • Lets the user add place marks and notes.
    • Can export route to Google Earth and includes your geo-tagged images embedded in the route.
    • $2.99 to download.

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