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Big Data Analytics – Profitability Statistics [Infographic]

Big Data Analytics Profitability Statistics Infographic large

The profitability of “big data analytics” has been a controversial topic over the years simply due to the fact that analyzing, storing and accessing big data is such a daunting task that it seems the costs may outweigh the benefits.

In a todays digital world however, we have more data than ever and, if leveraged correctly, companies can really profit by analyzing and acting on the information that big data provides.

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An infographic (posted below) was recently produced by truaxis.com analyzing the profitability of big data in the 21st century.

The infographic shows us that “the ability to provide highly personalized, cross-platform consumer experiences has the potential to lead to massive revenue increases.”

Big Data Analytics Profitability Infographic Highlights:

  1. Organizations with successful implementation of advanced analytics see:

    1. A 33% increase in revenue.
    2. 12 times more growth profit.
    3. 5 times more use of analytics.
  2. The average fortune 1000 company sees a net income increase of over $65 million each year by increasing data accessibility by just 10%.
  3. The average company spends 3.5% of their revenue on data management.
  4. Top 3 most popular digital data types collected:

    1. Social media content.
    2. Social network influencers.
    3. Customer mobile data.
  5. In a 2012 survey, 75% of UK retailers have seen an increase in demand for personalized services.
  6. Big data challenges faced by US marketers:

    1. Lack of cross-departmental data sharing (51%).
    2. Personalized marketing communications too difficult (45%).
    3. Difficulty connecting data to individual customer (42%).
    4. Data not collected often enough, and not in real time (39%).
    5. Too little or no customer data (29%).
  7. Transaction-driven services solve many of the hurdles that marketers face when dealing with big data analytics by customizing offers based on the particular user’s transaction history.

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