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Facebook User Statistics 2012 [Infographic]

facebook user statistics 2012 infographic

Facebook has been causing a lot of chatter amongst its users lately for multiple reasons. The social media giant recently began rolling out the controversial Facebook Timeline update to all of its users. Facebook also recently filed for its initial public offering.

Despite all the buzz and recent changes, Facebook remains the most powerful social media platform available and in order to understand just how influential the service is, all one needs to do is take a look at the user statistics of Facebook so far in 2012.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by Infographic Labs that provides us with a great overview of Facebook’s current user base.

The infographic includes information such as how many users Facebook has, how many user per country Facebook currently has, daily averages for user activity on Facebook and financial information regarding the company.

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Facebook User Statistics Infographic Highlights:

  1. Facebook currently has 845 million active users.
  2. Facebook accounts for 1 out of every 5 pageviews on the internet worldwide.
  3. Facebook users share over 100 billion connections collectively.
  4. Over 50% of the population in North American uses Facebook.
  5. 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily.
  6. There are 2.7 billion likes every single day on Facebook.
  7. 57% of Facebook user are female (43% male).
  8. The social media giant has 425 million mobile users.
  9. The average Facebook user spends 20 minutes on the site per visit.
  10. Mark Zuckerburg currently has a base salary of $500,000 but is worth over $17.5 billion.
  11. Facebook nearly doubled its revenue in 2011 by making over $1 billion ($600 million in 2010).

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