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Facebook’s Effect On The College Experience [Infographic]

facebook effect student grades infographic

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has been very closely associated with college students.

More than ever however, Facebook is having an effect on the overall college experience of university students.

Traditionally, Facebook has been used as only a social networking tool. Increasingly however, Facebook is being used for educational purposes and group collaboration. As its educational value increases, Facebook may help pave the way for students to attend more colleges online.

A recent infographic (posted below) published by OnlinePHD.org demonstrates just how strong the bond between college students and Facebook really is today.

Infographic Highlights:

  • The average college student visits Facebook 6 times a day.
  • Over 95% of graduate students and undergraduate students have a Facebook account.
  • 82% of American Universities communicate with perspective students through their Facebook pages.
  • 40% of university faculty members are Facebook friends with students.
  • 60% of college students are Facebook friends with a faculty member from their university.
  • Active Facebook users are more likely to stay in college after their freshman year.
  • Students who use Facebook while studying however, receive 20% lower grades than other students.
  • There have been a number of Facebook apps created to help students with the administrative duties of attending college (financial aide, activities, etc.)

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