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Hacktivism – Recent History 2012 [Infographic]

hacktivism history infographic

The history of hacktivism may be short but it in the last year hacktivists have been very active and rather successful.

From the take down of Tunisia government websites by the hacktivist groups Anonymous to the hacking of Sony’s Playstation Network (PSN), the World has gained a new respect for the power of digital warfare.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by WikiBon.org that covers the entire history of hacktivism starting in 2011.

As our lives, economies and governments become more entrenched in the digital world, activist groups will continue to use computer based methods of protesting such as hacking to make their point.

Although not necessary “hacktivism”, the Wikipedia “blackout” protest over the SOPA and PIPA bills is just another example of how successful online proclamations can be.

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