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Healthcare and Technology Statistics [Infographic]

Healthcare Technology Statistics 2012 Infographic

Statistics show that technology is continuing to be rapidly implemented in the healthcare industry to increase the overall effectiveness of today’s healthcare services.

Healthcare has always been one of the primary driving factors in technological innovation and all signs point to this trend continuing throughout the 21st century.

Technology provides more accurate and more efficient ways to diagnose, treat and prevent health related issues.

An infographic (posted below) was recently published by CBI that provides us with a slew of statistics on how technology is used in the healthcare industry.

Technology is not only improving for doctors and physicians but also for the average person in regards to preventing and monitoring one’s health.

Healthcare and Technology Statistics Hightlights:

  1. Over 66% of doctors allow patients to bring online health information to appointments.
  2. 86% of US physicians search for medical and pharmaceutical information online.
  3. Hospitals and private practices are implementing electronic health and medical record systems (EHR / EMR) to increase efficiency.
  4. It is expected that there will be 191,000 more EHR systems being used in 2013 than in 2012.
  5. 78% of Americans express interest in mobile health solutions.
  6. There are currently over 9,000 health and medical apps available for smartphones and tablets.
  7. Over 60 million Americans engage in health-related social media activities.
  8. Companies like Sanofi-Aventis are leveraging digital crowd-sourcing solutions to reduce the costs of research and development.
  9. The ROI for digital marketing campaigns in the healthcare industry has already passed the ROI of TV ad campaigns.
  10. Consumers can now text prescription barcode numbers for verification to avoid counterfeit medications.
  11. Parents can now text infants’ health symptoms to a government shortcode to receive audio messages from doctors with treatment guidelines.

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