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How Effective is Twitter at Answering Questions? [Infographic]

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Since the beginning of the internet, people have been using it to help answer their questions. Remember the days of AskJeeves? With the evolution of social media, people are no longer relying as heavily on computer generated answers to their questions. Instead, people are asking their online acquaintances the questions that they need answers to.

Facebook has released the Facebook Questions feature, Yahoo Questions is still a very popular place ask questions and Twitter has become an increasingly popular place to post queries.

How effective has Twitter actually been in terms of answering peoples’ questions? A study was done by inboxQ based on the answers of 1,825 Twitter users on how effective Twitter has been as a question answering tool.

Although the results seem to depend on how many followers you have, the results are very interesting and have been compiled into an infographic that I’ve posted below:

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