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How Pinterest is Used in Education [Infographic]

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Pinterest has been quickly gaining steam as a social media platform so far in 2012.

The primary uses of Pinterest include sharing fashion photos, home decor images and food related imagery.

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It has gone almost unnoticed up to this point, that Pinterest can also be used for educational purposes and contribute to the idea that technology improves education.

How are educators using Pinterest for educational purposes?

An infographic (posted below) was recently posted by OnlineUniversities.com that provides us with 16 ways that Pinterest is currently being use for educational purposes.

How Pinterest is Used in Education Infographic Highlights:

  1. Curate Content
  1. Pin current events to a board daily for students to read.
  2. Create resources boards for students and other teachers.
  3. Pin images and videos for future lesson plans.
  4. Use Pinterest search to find on-topic content.
  • Organize Ideas
    1. Save links to easy-to-scan topic boards.
    2. Add comments and record thoughts on pinned images and videos.
    3. Create Pinterest board for each subject or class.
    4. Create a Pinterest board containing all of the course materials for a specific class.
  • Collaborate with Others
    1. Follow other teach to share ideas, lessons and projects.
    2. Receive feedback on your material to help improve your curriculum.
    3. Create community boards to increase communication between parents, students and teachers.
    4. Connect with people from other classes, universities and organizations.
  • Allow Students to Use Pinterest
    1. Aggregate ideas and sources for classroom projects.
    2. Use community boards for group projects to avoid data loss.
    3. Use boards as aggregators for photo and design projects.
    4. Promote student work on the internet.

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