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How Social Media Has Affected Social Change – Statistics [Infographic]

Social Media Social Change Statistics Infographic

Social change has been greatly affected by social media usage in the last few years as people can more easily communicate, initiate social change projects and participate in social change projects.

Social change is often referred to as social progress or sociocultural evolution. As the root word soci implies, social change must begin and end with people and what better way is there to implement social change than through the use of social media?

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An infographic (posted below) was recently published by TheBestColleges.org that documents and provides statistics on how social media has affected social change positively.

Organizations that have initiated social change by using social media according to the infographic:

  • Kickstarter

    1. 65,000+ social change projects have been launched.
    2. 27,000+ projects have been successfully funded.
    3. $303 million has been pledged.
    4. $250 million has been collected and dispersed.
    5. Projects have a 44% success rate.
  • DonorsChoose.org

    1. Over $119 million has been raised.
    2. Nearly 7 million students have been helped.
    3. 1.7+ million contributions have been made.
    4. 94% of teachers say that their funded projects increased their classroom effectiveness.
    5. 70% of projects get fully funded.
    6. 65% of projects were for high poverty schools.
  • Pencils of Progress

    1. 4,500 children have been educated so far.
    2. 50,000 lives have been impacted positively.
    3. 2,800,000 instructional hours have been completed.
    4. 58 schools have been completed.
    5. 12 schools are currently being built.

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