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Operating Systems Market Share [Infographic]

operating systems by market share infographic

The conversation about operating systems’ market share used to be very simple: Windows OS dominated and Mac OS and Linux were barely a drop in the bucket.

Although Windows still dominates the personal computer market share conversation – probably more than you realize – we now use devices on a daily basis apart from our personal computers (smart phones & tablets) that also use operating systems – most of which are not Windows-based.

The infographic (posted below) gives us a breakdown of operating system by market share for personal computers, smart phones and tablets.

Surprisingly Windows still dominates the personal computer market. Between Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, the Windows operating system holds 92% of the personal computer market share. This is surprising to me because if you walk into a random starbucks you will most likely see more Mac computers than you will see Windows computers!

Windows operating systems still dominate the market share for personal computer for 2 reasons:

  1. Businesses are still using windows machines.
  2. Windows operating systems are still much more popular internationally than Mac operating systems are.

When it comes to the topic of tablet market share, the results are drastically different. Apple has 61% of the tablet market share with the Ipad and Ipad 2, followed by Android OS with 30% of the tablet market share.

I think most people would guess that Apple also has the majority of market share when it comes to mobile smart phones. Recently however, Android has surpassed Apple in the mobile market with 39% market share. Apple’s IOS is not too far behind in the market with 28% market share, followed by Blackberry with 20% and Windows with 7%.

It will be very interesting to see how the battle of operating system market share pans out as Apple, Google and Microsoft all push for a piece of the pie!

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