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Poor Cell Phone Etiquette Statistics [Infographic]

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Cell phone etiquette has gotten worse in the past years – especially when you look at the statistics.

It makes sense though when you really think about it. Many cell and smart phones serve as fully functioning computers these days with internet access virtually everywhere.

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Besides, if you’re annoyed with someone using their cell phone in public, you can easily pull out your own phone and start surfing to take your mind off the situation.

To prove how poor cell phone etiquette has become in recent years, an infographic (posted below) was recently published by OnlineCollege.org that highlights public cell phone misuse by providing us with a slew of statistics.

Poor Cell Phone Etiquette Statistics Infographic Highlights

  1. There are more cell phones (330 million) than people (311 million) in the United States.
  2. 75% of people believe that mobile phone etiquette has gotten worse in recent years.
  3. 3.5 million texts are sent every minute in the United States.
  4. 90% of students have sent texts while in class.
  5. 75% of college students sleep with their phone by their bed.
  6. 75% of adults admit to texting or talking while driving.
  7. 1 text while driving distracts the driver for an average of 4.6 seconds.
  8. 75% of Americans admit to using their cell phone while in the bathroom.
  9. 20% of people have dropped their phone in the toilet.
  10. The average person talks 3 times louder while on a cell phone than in person.
  11. 55% of people have felt uncomfortable from hearing a personal conversation.
  12. 90% of mobile and smartphone users feel like they have excellent cell phone manners.

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