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Recent Tech IPOs; Sign of a Boom or Bubble? [Infographic]

tech boom or bubble

Tech companies reported very good profits in the last two quarters of 2010 and through the first two quarters of 2011. There have also been some big IPOs from tech companies such as Pandora and Zynga.

These events have caused some to question we are entering a tech bubble similar to the previous dot-com bubble that climaxed in 2000.

An infographic gives a great picture of whether or not this is another tech bubble or a boom instead.

Check out the infographic below to see for yourself but, in short, it doesn’t look like we’re in another tech bubble.

In the last dot-com boom we saw a lot of investment in companies before they even began producing services or products. Recent investment as been in companies that are already established and are finally going public.

There was also a small financial bubble that occurred around the same time as the dot-com bubble. We do not see that now.

Overall, this infographic is very informative and also makes us feel a little better about the current tech boom that appears to be happening.

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