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5 Accessories for Efficient Business Travel

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I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and decided to stop by The Container Store® to find some ways to travel more efficiently.  I was also curious to check out the elfa® closet system to see how it looked.

The elfa® closet system allows users to design their own closest based on the space available to them.  Using different elements of the system, an efficient closest can be created using virtually any space.  The system features shoe racks, different size drawers, hangers for clothes and nearly any organization innovation that you can think of.  The elfa® closet system is also now available in 11 TownePlace Suites by Marriott® hotels to make business travel and extended-stay travel easier.

I’d like to first go over my top 5 tips for business travel and then I’ll show you what the elfa® closet system looks like!

Packing as light as possible, keeping clothes neatly folded and making things easy to find are some of my top priorities.

5 business travel accessories that I recommend:

Garment Folder

1. Pack-It-Garment Folder:

This is a great way to save space and to keep clothes neatly folded at the same time.  You can fold all of your business shirts and pants and then tightly secure them in the garment folder. First of all, this compacts the garments so they take up less space in your suitcase.  Secondly, it keeps them neatly folded so you don’t have to worry about using an iron in the hotel room.

Travel Bags

2. Ziploc Travel Bags:

Travel bags are great for saving space on all of your clothes that don’t need to be kept as neat as your formal business attire.  I use them for underwear, socks and t-shirts.  When you insert your clothes into a travel bag, you can then roll up the bag and seal it airtight to make sure it’s taking up as little space as possible.  These bags are also clear so that you can easily see inside of them. They come in suitcase size travel bags and carry-on size travel bags.

Carry On Kit

3. Sprayco Carry-On Kit:

This essential is great for travelers that like to bring their own soap and shampoo with them instead of using the supplies provided by the hotel.  The bag these bottles come in is sized to TSA specifications so that you know you’re safe traveling with it as a carry-on.  Simply fill the bottles up with your desired soaps, shampoos and conditioners and bring it right along with you on the plane!

Suitcase Strap

4. Smooth Trip Suitcase Strap:

My grandmother gave me one of these for Christmas a few years ago and it was one of the best gifts I never would have thought of.  I have a generic black suitcase and it can be difficult to spot in the baggage claim area of airports sometimes.  By adding a colored suitcase strap to your suitcase, your luggage will be easily identifiable so you can grab it quick and be on your way.

Ultimate Organizer

5. Grind-It Ultimate Organizer:

If your a techie like me, this small essential may just be your favorite of them all.  I have cords and plugs for everything – my phone, my iPad, my cameras, my computer, my audio equipment, my electric razor, etc.  Before purchasing this organizer, I would have to scour my entire backpack to find the one cord I was looking for.  By using the Ultimate Organizer, I only have to pull out one thing and then I can easily spot the exact item that I’m looking for.  Definitely a must for the techies that travel!

While I was at the The Container Store® I was also able to take a look at the elfa® closet system.  I love the idea of this because, right in the store, there are computers available for users to design their own closest based on the space they have and the type of organization they’re looking for.  You can also design your own closet online using the elfa® closet creator.

Here are some elfa® closet ideas from The Container Store® (the first is the closet from TownePlace Suites by Marriott®):


If you utilize the above mentioned travel accessories and stay at TownePlace Suites® hotel, you can really be as efficient of a traveler as possible!


TownePlace Suites® hotels specialize in accomidations for extended-stay travelers.  They have rooms that come with an entire kitchen, free breakfast every day and cheaper room rates for longer stays.

If you need to do a lot of work from your hotel room, you may even want to think about one of the home-office suites available!

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