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How Honest is America? Ask Honest Tea.

Honest Tea recently did a study on how honest America’s 5 largest cities are. They constructed beverage stands and placed them on the sidewalks of America’s 5 largest cities.

The Honest Tea’s were for sale for $1 each but instead of a vendor managing the stands and collecting the money, Honest Tea simply put a large money box next to the stand and asked that if you take a tea, you put a dollar in the box. There was nobody enforcing payment, nobody standing guard to make sure that people didn’t run off with free tea. Instead, there was a hidden camera by each stand to record the moral battle that each person was confronted with when approaching the stand.

The video of those moral battles is below. The video also shows the tallies that were kept on how many people paid and how many people didn’t. I was actually surprised by the end result.

Although this video has been posted in many different places I first watched it on Eros Lorant’s Marketing Blog. He has shared some interesting stuff so check it out if you have a chance.

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