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The Subconscious Brain Effect


One topic that I find myself researching and experimenting with more and more often is that of the subconscious mind and how it plays a large role in our everyday interactions.

Most people, on a day-to-day basis, are concerned that they may say something that may offend another person, that they may stutter in front of an audience or that they may be late to their job.  Although these are valid concerns, they are all also consciously related.  If somebody doesn’t like what you have said they are generally aware of it.

“Unconscious decisions really do have an affect on the mindset of those around us!”

If you stutter in front of an audience both you and the audience are consciously aware of it.  If you are late to work and your boss realizes it maybe he or she has something to say to you.  All of these things occur and we consciously react based on the situation.

Have you ever thought about how the color of you clothes may have an unconscious effect on how your peers treat you?  How about the fact that the seat you choose during an important meeting may determine the outcome of the meeting regardless of what is said in that meeting?  Have you thought about the fact that whether or not your are successful during a job interview might depend on whether your legs are crossed or your feet are planted on the ground in front of you?

All of these situations deal with the subconscious reactions of others.  The original decision, whether to sit cross-legged or flat footed, can be a conscious or unconscious decision.  Directly after reading this article you may make a conscious decision to sit a certain way, and you may even consciously think about the manner in which others are sitting.  During a person’s normal routine, however, these small nuances of life are not thought about – or at least, not that we know of.

The truth is that these unconscious decisions really do have an affect on the mindset of those around us. In terms of clothes color – red is known as a color of power in the unconscious brain.  In other words, if you were to wear a blood red shirt to a meeting one day and then a black shirt to a similar meeting the next day, the audience on day 1 (red shirt day) will most likely perceive you as being a more powerful person.  They will be more likely to believe what you are saying and be submissive to your suggestions and demands.  Whether that is a good or bad thing is to be decided on your own.

Ever wonder why dad sits at the end of the table?  Because that is the seat that overlooks all the other seats.  Of course we don’t consciously think of that every time we sit down at the dinner table but it is in the back of our heads whether we know it or not.  That is why the end seat in an important meeting is usually held with higher regard to the other seats.

People who have both feet on the ground while sitting as opposed to people who sit with their legs crossed appear to have more confidence.  They appear to be more level-headed and sure of the themselves.  These are all situations that most of us take for granted because we do not consciously think about them on a daily basis.  I try to think of the subconscious as much as I can in my daily life and I truly believe that it has an large affect in leading me to whatever end I am currently pursuing.  It is definitely something to think about and I bet that you can come up with many other examples of how the unconscious comes in to play in our every day interactions has human beings.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and examples!!

Anson Alexander

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