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Interactive Visitor Location Tracking Map for Your Blog or Website

interactive 3d visitor tracking globe

One of the most interesting aspects of running a website is monitoring the location of your visitors. I recently found an interactive visitor location tracking map that can be displayed on your website or blog.

The visitor location map is displayed as either a revolving globe of the World or a static map of the World that displays colored lights emanating from the geographic location of your website’s current visitors. The globe is available at RevolverMaps.com.

The visitor tracking widget uses the users IP address to track their general location. It is one thing to look at the static map overlay for your site within Google Analytics and a completely different thing to see where your visitors are coming from in realtime by using a aesthetically pleasing 3D globe!

There are many different styling options when customizing the visitor location map for your site:

  1. Visual appearance of the globe or map.
  2. Globe widget dimensions- over 30 different options.
  3. Color of the location tracking lights.
  4. Desired statistics to include:

    • Visitor Counter
    • Recent Hits
    • Starts (emanating lights)

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