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AnsonAlex.com Featured in Business Spotlight; Surpasses 185K Visits [Press Release]

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The past few months have been very productive for AnsonAlex.com. Only 3 months ago, it was reported that AnsonAlex.com had passed the 10,000 visitor mark.

I am now proud to say that AnsonAlex.com has received over 185,000 visits since its launch date on January 10, 2011. In the last 90 days alone, AnsonAlex.com has received over 150,000 visits.

Last week, AnsonAlex.com was featured in a small business spotlight on the Vistra Communications Blog. The spotlight is an mainly an email interview with the founder and president of AnsonAlex.com, Anson Alexander. In that interview, Anson answered questions such as, “Why did you begin AnsonAlex.com?” and “What value does the business provide?”

One of the top contributing factors to AnsonAlex.com’s recent success has been the through the documentation of Google+. AnsonAlex.com features over 12 tutorials, and over 20 articles in total, relating to the groundbreaking new social sharing service released by Google at the end of June.

The overriding advantage that AnsonAlex.com has received due to the increase in exposure, has been an increase in user feedback. Anson Alexander has over 1.1k Google+ followers that actively discuss, share and question the content posted on AnsonAlex.com. The feedback received by AnsonAlex.com is utterly important in shaping the site’s long-term direction and goals.

AnsonAlex.com now features sub-categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. The blog plans on adding new subcategories in upcoming months, as well as a most-popular section.

In terms of future content, AnsonAlex.com will continue to feature tutorials on popular web applications. The recent tutorials released by AnsonAlex.com have been mostly text based tutorials but you can expect to see some more video tutorials released in the near future.

Infographics will remain a common post-type on AnsonAlex.com as they do a great job of conveying important statistical information, without the added fluff.

Guest blogging is something that AnsonAlex.com is currently looking into more seriously. Having multiple voices would definitely give the site a flavor that it has only briefly tasted thus far.

AnsonAlex.com will continue to grow and help it’s readers better understand the technological world by giving its readers the tools and information necessary to gain an advantage when competing in our modern digital world.


Anson Alexander, President

Anson Alexander

I am an author, digital educator and content marketer. I record, edit, and publish content for AnsonAlex.com, provide technical and business services to clients and am an avid self-learner. I have also authored several digital marketing and business courses for LinkedIn Learning (previously Lynda.com).

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