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Laptop Cooling Pad Review -Targus Lap Chill Mat [Video]

Looking for a review of the Targus Lap Chill Mat – a product used as a laptop cooling pad with 2 fans for computers that overheat?

The video below will provide you with an unboxing of the Lap Chill Mat and information on its effectiveness.

Overall, I did have success using the Chill Mat and would recommend it for people who are having problems with their laptop overheating.

When running some processor intensive applications on my laptop, it would overheat even to the point of turning off at times.

After using the Lap Chill Mat while running the same applications, the processor does not get nearly as hot and my computer has never shut off due to overheating.

This laptop cooling mat, and others, can really improve the performance of your laptop and add to the lifespan of the computer.

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