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Samson Go Mic Review and Sound Recording Test [Video]

The video above serves as a review of the Samson Go Mic and an initial sound recording test.

I recently purchased the Samson Go Mic for recording software tutorials and other technology related videos on my YouTube channel.

Previously, I was using a Rode Podcaster and, although it has very good quality, it is a very large microphone that is not suited well for recording in remote locations.

I want to be able to record when I’m traveling, staying in hotels, etc. The fact that the Samson Go Mic is so compact, has nearly equal sound quality as my previous Rode Podcaster and is significantly cheaper ($40 on Amazon), has made it the perfect choice for my primary audio recording microphone.

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As you can hear in the video review, the Samson Go Mic features two primary method of recording:

1. Cardioid Mode
2. Omni Mode

Cardioid recording picks up sounds directly in front of the microphone and does a good job of blocking background sounds. Omni mode records sound in 360 degrees and works better for users that would like to record as much sound in their environment as possible.

Generally, for podcasting and YouTube, people use cardioid on their microphones but I actually really enjoy using the Omni mode on the Samson Go Mic if my environment is quite enough because it allows me to keep my mouth a bit further from the microphone and concentrate more on my content instead of when my mouth / microphone is positioned.

Using the Apple Camera Connection Kit users can plug the Samson Go Mic into their iPhone or iPad and record audio with Garage Band or the Voice Memo app. Unfortunately, the Samson Go Mic does not seem to record sound when an iPhone or iPad is in video mode.

I also recently purchased a new 15″ Macbook Pro and uploaded a video in which I test both the new computer and the Samson Go Mic:

I would like to hear about your experience with the Samson Go Mic or a similar microphone in the comments section below!

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