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10 Latest Technology Trends for 2012

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2012 is finally upon us and the technological world has been buzzing with predictions on what the new year will bring in terms of IT trends, strategies and developments.

Last year, AnsonAlex.com reported on the top technology trends for 2011 and now, in 2012, I would like to continue the tradition.

Gartner Inc. conducts an annual report on the upcoming technological trends for the next year. I find that Gartner’s report is one of the more accurate forecasts of technological progress.

The report included the following predictions that I have expanded upon below:

  1. Media Tablets and Smartphones
  2. Mobile Application Development
  3. A More Customized User Experience
  4. The Emergence of a “Physical” Internet
  5. Enterprise App Store Adoption
  6. Real-Time Analytics
  7. Data Warehousing Changes
  8. In-Memory Database Systems
  9. More Energy Reducing Servers
  10. It may be a surprise to hear that, even with all of the cloud computing buzz in the last couple years, the concept is still in its infancy of adoption. Companies will continue to shift towards cloud environments in 2012 whether they are public clouds or privately managed and secured cloud environments.

    As in previous years, companies will have to make tough decisions on which processes are appropriate for cloud environments. Concentration on cloud computing security will be heavy in 2012 as it is the main concern currently holding many organizations back from embracing the technology.

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