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Comcast Wireless Internet Not Working – Activation Page Displaying

comcast internet not working self activation

My Comcast internet is not working when trying to use a wireless router. Even after successfully completing the self-activation, the self-activation page keeps displaying. If I click on the link to log in to my account, it says the page cannot be found.

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If you are experiencing this problem, I know exactly how you feel.

Earlier today, I brought my broken modem back to Comcast (which feels more like going to the DMV) and after plugging in my new modem and connecting it to my wireless router, I was faced with the self-activation page.

Minor pain but, whatever, I filled it out in anticipation that my internet would begin working soon.

Unfortunately, even after Comcast verified that my activation had completed successfully, the self-activation page continued to display.

I tried the following without no success:

  1. Modem reset (reset button and power cycle)
  2. Browser restart
  3. Using a different browser
  4. Computer restart
  5. Accessing the internet via another computer
  6. Wireless adaptor reset
  7. IP address renewal

Finally, I tried one more troubleshooting option that worked – Once my internet was back up, I also confirmed that this solution had worked with other users.

Solution: Restart your wireless router!

Thats right! Restarting the modem didn’t work but when I unplugged my wireless router, waited 10 seconds, and then plugged it back in, my wireless internet via Comcast began to work properly on all connected devices.

I hope this solution helps! Let me know how your experience when in the comments section below!

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