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Embedded YouTube Videos Not Showing Up

embedded youtube videos not showing up

Update : The issue seems to have been resolved for now. Total downtime for iframe embedded YouTube videos was 3-8 hours.

If you notice that the problem has reappeared, please see below!

Embedded YouTube videos are not showing up or playing on many websites today.

It has been confirmed that this problem is occurring in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and is not operating system specific.

The problem of embedded YouTube videos not displaying seems to be occurring with on YouTube videos that have been embedded using iframes. Not only are embedded YouTube videos not playing, but they’re not even showing up at all!

In Chrome, Firefox and Safari, embedded YouTube videos are not showing up at all and only white space is visible. There is no error message or notification that the space is supposed to have an embedded video.

In Internet Explorer, an error message appears (shown below) saying that “This content cannot be displayed in an iframe”.

At this point, there does not seem to be a solution to the problem but if you have any specific details about your particular situation, please let us know in the comments sections below so we can try to pinpoint why problem is occurring and possibly find a solution.

Hopefully YouTube will fix this problem as soon as possible. If you’re a publisher that has YouTube videos embedded in iframes on your website (like me), I wouldn’t worry too much because YouTube is certainly losing lots of advertising revenue due to this problem and is most likely treating it as a top priority at this point.

As more details regarding embedded YouTube videos in iframes not showing up or displaying becomes available, this post will be updated.

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