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Is FriendSheet Facebook’s Version of Pinterest? [Video]

The social media world has been buzzing over the last 24 hours in regards to a Facebook app called “FriendSheet” that many have compared to Pinterest.

Although FriendSheet does have the look and feel of Pinterest, the actual functionality of the app is quite different.

The app was actually released in January of 2012 but has gained a lot of momentum in the last 24 hours after being “liked” by the almighty Facebook God himself, Mark Zuckerburg.

As shown in the video above, the app displays photos and pictures in a format similar to Pinterest. The pictures however, are the same photos that you would normally have access to when viewing a friend’s profile.

FriendSheet just organizes these photos into a more user friendly and more aesthetically pleasing viewing format.

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While using FriendSheet, you can actually comment, share and “like” photos directly from the application.

You cannot however, “pin” a random photo from a random website directly to FriendSheet. Uploading photos to the app is done in the same way that a user would normally upload a photo to Facebook. You must have the image stored locally on your computer in before uploading it.

Photos posted on Pinterest actually link back to the original source of where the photos were posted on the internet. Photos on FriendSheet simply open up in the Facebook Photo Viewer and do not link to anywhere else.

In closing, FriendSheet has a similar look and feel to Pinterest but its functionality is much different as it only serves as a more convenient way to look at your Facebook friends’ photos that you would normally have access to anyway.

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