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How Future Technologies Will Effect Our Everyday Lives [Video]

how future technologies will eff

Microsoft recently released a “Future Productivity” video which gives us a glimpse at how we will interact with technology in our everyday lives in 5-10 years in the future.

Obviously, not everything in the above video will be done exactly the same – and I’m sure there will be additional technologies that were not thought of when the video was produced.

One thing is for sure though – technology is evolving at an exponential pace and, as long as nothing drastic happens, in 5-10 years technology will be almost intrinsically engrained in our lives.

In the video, we see technologies automatically providing us with information about the environment around us. Technologies such as this are already being developed by Google, Microsoft and countless other firms.

Sunglasses that translate signs and billboards seem like something of sciencefiction but, in reality, this technology and others like it are coming very soon.

Right now, if we want the answer to a question, we simply have to search Google. Pretty simple right?

As humans, it is almost impossible for us to not attempt to simplify things. That is why, in the future, we will automate the manual part of searching. What this means is that, instead of actually searching Google for the answer to a question, you will need only to wonder what the answer is and it will appear before your eyes!

The future is coming, brace yourselves!

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