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iPhone 5 – Fastest Way to Buy for Next Day Pickup

best way buy iphone 5 next day

Looking for the fastest way to buy the new iPhone 5?

Can’t wait to get your hands on iOS 6 but don’t want to deal with the hassle of waiting, anticipation and lines?

I’ve got a very easy solution for you that worked for me.

I actually called the local Apple Store last weekend asking what the stock was looking like and if I had any chance of walking in and getting my hands on a brand new black 32GB iPhone 5.

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The Apple associate kindly notified me that, although they receive shipments of iPhone 5’s every single day, all of the arrivals would be picked up by priority buyers that had purchased the phones in advance.

Can you guess my next question?

I asked her how I would be able to purchase the iPhone 5 early, become a “priority buyer” and pick it up the next day!

Her answer was simple, and it worked!

  1. Order an iPhone 5 from Apple.com between the hours of 10pm EST and 4am EST and specify that you would like in-store pickup.
  2. Pick up the iPhone the next day in your local Apple Store.

That’s it!

Here are some extra details about purchasing and iPhone 5 online for next-day pick-up:

  1. The store may sell out of iPhones for the next day shortly after 10pm so make sure you’re purchasing at the top of the hour!
  2. You can begin a new network provider plan while ordering on Apple.com or update an existing plan if eligible.
  3. You will still have to make an appearance at a physical Apple Store but your iPhone 5 will be waiting for you.

This is by far, the best method for purchasing an iPhone 5 quickly and easily.

When I logged on to Verizon.com or Apple.com to order an iPhone 5 and have it delivered directly to my house, the estimated shipping date was over 5 weeks away – this method took 12 hours.

Enjoy your new mobile toy!

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