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K-12 Social Learning Goes Global with UClass

K 12 Social Learning Global UClass

Social learning has been taken to an all new level since the launch of a new cloud-based communication and collaboration platform for k-12 students and teachers.

UClass.org allows students and teachers to collaborate, share ideas, ask questions and digitally learn with members of their own class and members of other classes from around the world.

The global educational and collaborative platform was released in public beta in August of 2012 and already has over 6,500 users in over 40 different countries around the world.

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Similar k-12 educational tools exist such as Edmodo – a social learning platform that was released in 2008. However, none of the other cloud-based educational and collaborative systems allow for global interaction in the way that UClass does.

The premium version of UClass is completely free to use so there is no risk involved in trying it out. Teachers can register their class at the UClass Teacher Registration Page.

Check out the infographic below for a timeline of UClass’s evolution

The first thing that a student sees when logging into UClass is a world feed of projects and updates where they can add comments and ask questions. The UClass interface allows for quick translation of posts into any major language.

Teachers can post assignments and projects for their class and students can upload their work and presentations. Teachers have the option of making the uploaded assignments and projects public for UClass users from around the world to see and interact with or make the assignments only visible to students in the associated class.

UClass also allows teachers to share ideas, post questions and interact with other teachers from around the world. One of the more popular global interactions witnessed on UClass is that of classes forming pen pal relationships with students from classes in other countries – this can be especially beneficial for students in foreign language classes.

For a visual preview of UClass, take a look at their demo video uploaded to SchoolTube:

UClass and similar platforms not only help facilitate education but, in a world where technology and digital media skills are at a premium, UClass provides a safe platform for students to learn how to interact and collaborate with other students online in a digital environment.

The skills that students acquire just by using UClass are skills that will be valuable in society and in their professional lives long after they have graduated from school.

Students are going to interact with one another in digital environments one way or another using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Why not provide a similar environment that promotes and facilitates education and learning at the same time?

The global aspect of UClass is the most unique and the most beneficial feature that UClass offers. We live in a world of global economics, instantaneous transmission of information on a global scale and a global society that is facing an increased amount of shared concerns.

UClass allows students to more easily become aware of and connected to their global counterparts in a safe, friendly and constructive environment.

For more information or to get started with UClass, visit UClass.org.

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