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Personal Jetpacks in the Near Future? [Video]

While everyone is working hard to find the most efficient fuel for automobiles, the Martin Aircraft Company has decided to skip a few steps and is working on the next generation of personal transportation.

The jetpack is traditionally something of science fiction however, the video below will show you that we’re not actually that far off from being able to fly in to work everyday.

I originally found the video on CNET News which also claims that the jetpack is scheduled to go up for sale in the next 18 months and will sell for about $100,000.

Considering the fact that a private jet costs $6,000,000 or more, a $100,000 jet pack is a little more reasonable. As CNET mentioned, the noise may be an issue for the everyday consumer.

I am more concerned about landing and maintaining control of the jetpack. Seeing one jetpack flying alone is one thing but imagine if everyone who worked in your office all flew jetpacks to work. Don’t pull those parachutes all at once! It would be an interesting and possibly dangerous experience.

Obviously some kinks need to be worked out but if you think about the longterm outlook- say 5 years from now, we may have a viable new form of short distance transportation. Check it out for yourself.

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