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Top 5 Spotify Apps for 2012

top spotify apps list 2012

Spotify announced the release of Spotify Apps Beta in November of 2011. The social music giant is taking a play out of Facebook’s playbook by allowing third party services to connect and interface with Spotify.

Since the release of apps for Spotify, users have had some time to test and provide feedback on the first batch of Spotify Apps.

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The applications for Spotify that were part of the Apps Beta launch included apps that provide suggestions for new music, information and lyrics on music currently being played and other applications to help improve your social music experience.

Top 5 Spotify Apps for 2012:

  1. TuneWiki

The TuneWiki apps for Spotify turns your social sharing service into a free karaoke machine as well. Play a song in Spotify and then head over to the TuneWiki apps to see the lyrics of the current song as the artist sings them.

This is a great addition to Spotify in case you can’t quite understand what the artist’s intended message is. Now only if you could turn on an “instrumental only” version of each song to host your very own Karaoke parties!

  1. We Are Hunted

This app is great for those who want to listen to the most popular artists or artists that are rising up the charts.

We Are Hunted uses current ranking from the music industry to provide top charts for multiple genres of music including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Alternative and Electronic.

Using this app alongside the Billboard app ensures that you will never miss out on today’s most popular music.

  1. Songkick Concerts

This app could have easily been ranked #1 in terms of usefulness when talking about apps for Spotify. The SongKick Concerts app will can through the artists in your Spotify playlists and notify you when and where your favorite artists will be playing live.

It can be a daunting task to aggregate data from across the web and determine which of your favorite artists are close enough to go see but this great app makes the task significantly easier.

  1. Last.fm

The Last.fm Spotify apps automatically tracks your listening statistics to show which tracks you listen to most often. It also allows the user to create playlists based on commonly listend to artists and tracks.

The most useful feature of this app is that it will provide the user with song and artist recommendations based on your listening trends. This is a great app for those of you who enjoy the randomness of Pandora but also prefer the control over music selection that makes Spotify so practical.

  1. Billboard Top Charts

This app is exactly what you would expect the Billboard Top Charts app to be. From directly within Spotify, users can view the current Billboard Top Charts and play songs directly from the app.

This app is a must for those who enjoy staying up to date with the newest and hottest hits.

All Currently Available Spotify Apps:

  1. Last.fm

Personalized recommendations based on the music you play.

  1. Songkick Concerts

Track your favorite artists so you never miss them live.

  1. Billboard Top Charts

Billboard Top Charts highlights songs from the popular weekly charts.

  1. Rolling Stone Recommends

Hear the best albums, songs and playlists, by Rolling Stone editors.

  1. We Are Hunted

Add the world’s hottest and new music to your collection.

  1. Top Lists

The hottest tracks, artists and albums.

  1. Soundrop

Discover, share and listen to music with friends.

  1. TuneWiki

Get synced lyrics and sing along to your favorite songs!

  1. Moodagent

Instant playlists to match your mood.

  1. Radio

Create radio stations of music based on any song or artist.

  1. Pitchfork

The Essential Guide to Independent Music and Beyond.

  1. ShareMyPlaylists

High quality curated playlist & a unique playlist generator.

  1. Top10

Create & share Top10 playlists of the music you love!

  1. The Guardian

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