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What is Facebook Going to Announce Today, Wednesday at 10am?

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Update: Facebook Announces 3 Updates

The social media world has been buzzing this week. It hasn’t been about Facebook though. Google recently released a new social media platform called Google+ (Google Plus). I was lucky enough to get an invite and its pretty impressive to say the least.

Tomorrow, however, Facebook plans on announcing something “BIG”. This is quite interesting considering that Google just made their first real push into the social media world. Is it just a coincidence that the release of Google+ and the Facebook announcement are occurring so close together?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Facebook Announcement Rumors

Video Chat

It’s no secret that Facebook has been planning a partnership with Skype (Microsoft) for the last few months. Obviously they have plans to integrate the two services and the most common theory found around the web about tomorrow’s announcement is that Facebook is going to announce video chat. I’m not completely convinced though. Although I think video chat will consist of part of tomorrow’s announcement, I don’t think that is all that it will entail.

Ipad Application

iPad users have been waiting for Facebook integration for a while and some think that it will finally be announced tomorrow.

Initial Public Offering

Going public seems to be the trend in the online world these days and I’m sure Zuckerburg is getting a little nervous with Google entering the market, so why shouldn’t Facebook look for investors too?

Photo Sharing App for the iPhone

Photo sharing services like Flickr and Picasa have been increasingly popular as of late. Some people think that Facebook is going to announce their own photo sharing service that integrates book the iPhone and Facebook.

Implications of the Facebook Announcement

Google+ Ready to Go Public?

As I mentioned earlier, Google Plus was released last Thursday and some of the buzz I’ve been hearing in Google+ is that, in order to swell whatever excitement comes after tomorrow’s Facebook announcement, Google may decide to finally announce the public release of Google+.

Google is known for starting services but not following up with them (Wave, Buzz) so if Facebook announces something REALLY big, you better believe Google will open the servers up.


All the hype these days seems to be about Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Nobody ever mentions @Twitter even though it has over 175 million users. Twitter did, however, release a preview of the new Twitter a month or two back and their simpler is better business model seems to working pretty well so far.

What do you think Facebook will announce tomorrow?

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