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What Makes Google Plus Different? [Google+]

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A lot of people are asking the question, “How is Google+ different from other social media services?“.

It seems that we’re already overloaded with too many forms of social media, why do we need another one? The truth, is that Google Plus not just a social media platform. In fact, Google has never used the term “social media” when describing Google+.

Instead, Google describes Google+ as a platform for “sharing“. Although there are many social aspects of Google Plus, the overall goal is not just to communicate with close friends and family. Instead, it is to facilitate the process of information sharing. If that phrase isn’t familiar to you, then you haven’t seen my about page.

Features of Google+ that Differentiate it from Traditional Social Media

  • Google+ Offers Everything You Need in One Place

  • Google+ Offers LOTS of Control

  • Google+ is Twitter on Steroids!

  • Google+ Has an Affect on Google Search

  • Google+ Offers Group Video Chat

  • Google+ Allows You to Combine News with Social Interaction

Conclusion of Why Google+ is Different

In conclusion, Google Plus doesn’t revolutionize the world of social media. Instead, it revolutionizes the world of information sharing. Google+ will change the way we gather and share our information. It also gives us one place to perform most of our online activity.

Unlike other Google attempts at social media related services (buzz, wave, etc.), Google Plus is a complete service. In fact, it is arguably the most complete social sharing service ever created.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see if user adoption catches on! Happy Google+ing!

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