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YouTube Not Displaying Ads on Embedded Websites [Video]

YouTube may not be displaying ads on your embedded YouTube videos enabled for monetization for a number of reasons.

First of all, even if you’re a YouTube Partner, it doesn’t mean that an advertisement will display every single time one of your videos is played. If there isn’t an advertiser willing to pay for an ad on the particular at that time, the video will play ad-free.

That being said, I’ve also noticed a couple of weird issues with ad on embedded YouTube videos. First of all, if the video you embed is not in 4:3 format (in terms of resolution) no ads will play at all. This includes overlay ads and in-stream / pre-roll ads.

If your video is in 4:3 format, then you may see overlay ads within the embedded YouTube videos. For whatever reason, YouTube will never show pre-roll or in-stream ads on embedded videos. This becomes a problem for YouTube Partners because although we would probably rather our viewers to watch our content on our own domain, if we want to maximize our revenue potential, we need to send our viewers to YouTube to watch our content.

At the same time, I can see why in-stream advertisers may not want to appear on embedded websites. Those advertisers are paying a lot for in-stream ads and YouTube cannot vouch for whether or not the owner of the domain will have other advertisements and / or advertisements for competition around the embedded videos.

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YouTube hasn’t really provided much detail on the topic but it would be really great it they could at least fix the bug where videos that aren’t 4:3 ratio don’t even show overlay ads.

As I find out more information on why ads aren’t showing on embedded YouTube videos I’ll update this post. If you have any additional insight, please let me know in the comments section below!

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