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How to Access iCloud on Mac or PC Computer [Video]

If you’re wondering how to access your iCloud account and / or files on your Mac or PC computer, you’re in luck because accessing iCloud is the same on both platforms!

As shown in the video above, users can access iCloud by going to iCloud.com and logging in with their iCloud username (it will be an email address) and password.

If you forgot you iCloud username, you can take a look at the settings on your iPhone or iPad and go to the iCloud section. The iCloud account that you’re using should be listed at the top of the screen. If you still can’t find the username for your iCloud account or cannot remember your password, you can go to iforgot.apple.com to recover both your username and password.

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By accessing your iCloud account from your Mac or PC (Windows) computer you can check your iCloud email, see all of the contacts synced with your iCloud account, access your iCloud notes, access the “Find my phone” feature of iCloud as well as some other Apple iCloud services.

If you’re looking to access the photos that you have saved in your iCloud photo stream from your Mac or PC, you can do so using iPhoto. Unfortunately iPhoto is not available for Windows (PC) users so you will have to use a Mac computer to access these photos. The other option would be to login to your iCloud account on and iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and turn on photo sharing to sync your iCloud photos.

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