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Apple TV AirPlay Icon Not Showing on MacBook Pro Toolbar – Solution

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The Apple TV AirPlay icon is no longer showing up on my MacBook Pro toolbar!

If you’re experiencing this problem, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

This is one of the busiest pages on my website – for a reason.

I have personally experienced trying to Airplay stream HD video from a Macbook Pro to an Apple TV, only to suddenly lose signal and notice the AirPlay icon disappear from the toolbar on the MacBook Pro.

In my situation, the MacBook Pro was brand new, was running the latest operating system and had the latest updates. I had also successfully mirrored it’s display via AirPlay to the Apple TV.

Because of this, I knew it was not likely a compatibility issue.

If you have never successfully connected your Apple device to your Apple TV via Airplay, you may want to check below to see if your device is compatible with Apple TV:

Apple TV Requirements (listed on box):

  1. iOS 4.3 or later (first generation iPad is NOT supported).
  2. 802.11 wireless or Ethernet network.
  3. Video streaming requires a 802.11a, g or n wireless network.

I have read elsewhere that people are having trouble using AirPlay with MacBook Pros that were manufactured before 2011 but, according to the requirements listed by Apple, that should not be the case.

Option 1 for when the AirPlay icon does not appear on a MacBook Pro:

Restart the MacBook Pro.

This works for the majority of times that I’ve experience this issue.

If option 1 doesn’t work:

  1. Restart the Apple TV.
  2. Check your network’s connectivity.
  3. Check your MacBook Pro’s display settings.

If the problem still persists, there may be a hardware issue involved and it may be a good idea to have the devices looked at.

Why does the AirPlay icon disappear?

There are many possibilities as to why this issue may occur.

When I first experienced this issue, I had over 10 devices connected to my wireless network at the same time.

These devices weren’t always in use and using up wireless bandwidth but, when the AirPlay icon disappears on the MacBook Pro, it may simply be a result of not having enough wireless network bandwidth to stream HD video.

OS X may be coded to remove the Airplay icon when it knows it doesn’t have the bandwidth to stream or make a connection.

If you have any additional details or solutions regarding this issue or your experience using AirPlay with an Apple TV, please let share in the comments section below.

As always, I will update this post as more information becomes available regarding Apple TV AirPlay streaming with MacBook Pros.

This article was originally published in 2013 but was updated in 2017 to be as relevant as possible.

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