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Box.com Tutorial for Beginners

The above Box.com introductory tutorial introduces users to Box.com, a cloud-based file storage and collaboration service similar to DropBox.com or Google Drive.

Box.com gives users 10GB of free online storage and also offers paid plans for users and businesses that are looking for more storage.

One of the advantages of Box.com is that the service allows you to compose Microsoft Office documents, Google docs and Box.com notes right within the app. You do have to download the desktop version to compose Microsoft Office documents but notes and Google Drive documents can be composed in the online version.

The topics included in the above Box.com tutorial video include:

  1. Uploading files
  2. Composing Box.com notes
  3. Creating bookmarks
  4. Sharing files
  5. Adding comments
  6. Assigning tasks
  7. Organizing files

Box.com is a great option when it comes to online file storage and collaboration. Although it still needs some work, the online editing features attempt to rival competitors such as DropBox.com and Google Drive.

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