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Earn Eaves on Empire Avenue Tips [Video]

How can I earn eaves on Empire Avenue?

If you’ve been using Empire Avenue then you may or may not know that, aside from completing missions, there are two primary ways of making eaves:

  1. Receiving dividends from users you’ve invested in.
  2. Earning eaves from others that invest in you.

In this tutorial, I would like to share an Empire Avenue strategy with you to maximize the amount of eaves you earn.

I’ve done some research on the topic and I’ve been using EA for about a year now so I also have a lot of first hand experience.

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The first question that comes to mind is, “Does one make more eaves from dividends on EA or from investments from others?

A great article was published on EmpireBuilding.net that statistically proves that you will make more money from others’ investments than dividend payments.

After reading this article, I came up with a strategy to earn eaves from dividends and others’ investments all at the same time.

You may or may not be aware of the “leaders” feature on Empire Avenue.

The EA leaders page ranks users based on different Empire Avenue categories such as Facebook activity and activity within other linked social networks.

There is another ranking list available however, that is often overlooked: The portfolio wealth leader board.

Portfolio wealth in Empire Avenue represents the amount of money a user has invested in other Empire Avenue users.

We can assume some very useful information about users on this list.

  1. They are actively investing in other users on a regular basis.
  2. High portfolio wealth means a lot of dividends which translates into a lot of eaves to invest in other users.
  3. Since they are very active on Empire Avenue and social media in general, we can also assume that they’re going to pay out some pretty decent dividends.

Based on these three assumptions, I have concluded that investing in these users is the most efficient way to gain eaves on Empire Avenue.

Once you invest in one of the portfolio wealth leaders on EA, you’re going to make some decent eaves off dividends and there is also a very high chance that they will return the favor and invest in you.

A good way to implement this strategy is to go down the portfolio leader list and make an initial investment in each of the users – 5 to 50 eaves depending on how much you have to spend.

If the user then reinvests in you, go ahead and buy more shares in them to match what they have purchased. Continue this process until you’ve maxed out your investments in the users on the portfolio wealth leader board.

By implementing this strategy you’re increasing your chances that users will invest in you (the best way to make eaves on Empire Avenue) and you’re also going to make some good money off dividends.

Hope it helps and good luck investing and earning eaves on Empire Avenue!

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