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Find Images on Pinterest from Your Website or Domain [Video]

Pinterest has become a very important internet marketing tool over the last year.

In order to take full advantage of driving traffic to your website or blog from Pinterest, it is important to understand what type of your content is already being shared on Pinterest.

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Once you realize what type of content your users are willing to share on Pinterest, you can direct your future actions in the right direction to produce and market similar content.

There are a couple ways to find all the pins on Pinterest that link to your domain.

The easiest way is to log in to Pinterest and then enter this into the address bar of your web browser:


The other way to find all of the pins on Pinterest that link back to your website is find one pin from your site. You may just want to enter your domain in the Pinterest search box to find pins from your site.

While viewing the image from your site in Pinterest, scroll to the bottom and find the section that says something similar to, “Pinned via pinmarklet from AnsonAlex.com…“.

If you click on the domain address it will take you to a pin board will every single image that has ever been pinned from your website.

This can be a very useful way of find out:

  1. What content on your site is the most popular.
  2. Which Pinterest users are reading, consuming and sharing your content the most.
  3. What type of content you should produce in the future to market towards rich media social media.

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