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Free AI Prompts for Professionals

Free AI Prompts

Welcome to my collection of free AI prompts.

I put this together to help others use AI more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re into business, writing, art, or something in between, you should be able to find value in these prompts.

Feel free to alter them for your situation or just let them inspire you.

I’ll be tossing in more prompts in as time goes on to help facilitate creativity with AI.

AI Crafted Prompt Starter:

Based on what you've learned in this chat about my preferences and preferred formats, write me a general AI prompt to use with a different topic in future tasks like this.

General Meeting Summary AI Prompt:

Given the transcribed meeting notes, please organize the key information, excluding any headings for details not mentioned. Follow this structure:

1. Meeting Details: Include the date, time, location (or virtual meeting link), and list of participants.
2. Objective: Summarize the primary goal or purpose of the meeting.
3. Agenda Items: Identify and list the main topics that were discussed.
4. Key Discussions: For each agenda item, provide a brief summary of the main points discussed, including any relevant background context necessary for understanding.
5. Decisions Made: Detail any decisions reached during the meeting, including outcomes of votes if applicable.
6. Action Items: List the specific actions agreed upon, who is responsible for each action, and the deadlines for completion.
7. Next Steps: Outline any steps to be taken following the meeting, such as scheduling follow-up meetings or tasks to be completed.
8. Additional Notes: Note any significant points of agreement or disagreement, issues needing further discussion, or any observations about the meeting process.

Format the information clearly and concisely to ensure it is easily understandable.

General Cover Letter AI Prompt:

Write a cover letter for a job application, expressing strong interest and enthusiasm for the position. The candidate has a passion for the field and believes they are a perfect fit due to their skills, experience, and alignment with the company's values. Please include the following details provided by the user:

Name of the applicant.
Position applying for.
Company name.
Brief summary of qualifications and relevant experience.
A specific reason why the applicant is passionate about the field and the company.
Key skills that make the applicant a great fit for the job.
Any noteworthy achievements or projects that highlight the applicant's abilities.
A call to action, expressing eagerness for an interview.
Closing salutation with the applicant's name.
Ensure the cover letter is professional yet captures the applicant's genuine excitement and fit for the role, showcasing how they can contribute to the company's success.

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