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How to Create App Folders on the iPad or iPhone [Video]

How can I create or make app folders on my iPad or iPhone?

If you’re asking this question, you will be happy to know that creating folders for your iPad and iPhone apps is very simple and is the same process on both devices!

App folders are a great way to reduce clutter on your device, avoid having to navigate through 5+ iPhone / iPad home screens and to categorize your apps based on function.

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To create an app folder on your iPad or iPhone, all you need to do is:

  1. Tap and hold on any app on your home screen until all apps begin to wiggle
  2. Click and hold on the first app you would like in the folder
  3. Drag that app (while still holding it) onto the second app you would like in the folder
  4. Choose a name for your folder
  5. Tap and drag any other apps you would like into the folder
  6. Tap the home button at the bottom of your screen to exit app organization mode

For a more detailed walkthrough on how to create app folder on your iPad, iPhone or iOS device, take a look at the video tutorial aboive!

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