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How To Search Only Google Plus Posts [Google+]

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Since the release of Google Plus, one of the most common questions users have been asking is, “How can I search just Google Plus Posts?”

There have been a few solutions to this problem. You can go to Google Search and preface your search with “site:plus.google.com”. Using that method gets annoying very quickly.

There is also a Google Chrome extension that will allow you to search Google+. That is not a great solution either though because it leaves FireFox, Safari and IE users behind.

A couple days ago, one of my readers shared with me a project that he has been working and is now released publicly. Andrew Shen released the free service, Google Plus Search. There a few advertisements you must deal with but Andrew must cover the costs of maintenance and development in one way or another.

The service is a fully functional search engine that only searches Google Plus. After you preform a search, you have the option to display results from Google Plus posts, Google Plus profiles, Google Buzz or Google Reader.

I find it unbelievable that Google hasn’t released an option yet in its main search engine to search only Google Plus posts but until they do, Andrew’s service is the next best thing!

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