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How to Use Digg to Promote Your Blog or Website

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If you want to use Digg to promote your online endeavor then you better be ready to become a part of the Digg community. There is no, “Get Pageviews Quick Scheme” to use Digg without paying for people to digg your content- Now THAT would be desperation!

Don’t worry though! Digg can be a great tool for driving traffic to your site if you participate in the community by not only sharing your own content but the content of others that you find valuable.

Digg is also a great source of information. It has quickly become one of my favorite tools to read the news, get inspiration and even get a good laugh!

How can you become a valued member of the Digg community?

Starting digging!

When you’re the first person to “digg” an article, your profile name is displayed below the link to that article. If people enjoy the article and notice that you’re name has appeared under multiple valuable articles, they may start “following” you.

When someone follows you, your dugg articles will show up in their customized news feed. As more users start to follow you, the exposure of your dugg articles will continue to rise.

A good tip is to digg articles from popular websites. If a particular website’s articles tend to get a lot of diggs, then their articles will move up to the top news section faster. When an article that you’ve submitted reaches the top news section, the amount of people who choose to follow you will also rise. Digg will also send you a free t-shirt. No joke, mine is in the mail.

Remember to digg articles that are not your own. If people see that you’re only digging content from one source then they’re going to question your credibility.

Also, before you start building a Digg following, don’t digg your own articles. If you have 3 followers and you digg your own article, it is only displayed in 3 peoples’ news feeds. If you are patient and someone with 2,000 followers diggs your article, then it is exposed to a lot more people. Be patient!

The best way to use Digg as an SEO tool is to become a valuable member of the community by sharing unique and interesting content.

Just try to remember: If you find an article interesting, DIGG IT!

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