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How to Use Quora for Marketing Your Business

how to use quora marketing business

How can you use Quora for marketing?

Quora can be used as a very powerful marketing tool for businesses – especially if you have an information based business that specializes in solving problems or answering questions.

Usually, I had only used Quora when it provided an answer to a question I searched in Google.

I had never even thought of logging in and creating an account on Quora until a couple weeks ago.

Upon doing so, I was very surprised at how intuitive the user interface was and by the number of features offered by the social question service.

Once you’ve logged in to Quora, you have the option of following questions in specifics topics. As a technology guru and professional, I obviously started following all of the technology topics that I’m interested in.

There are a few primary functions that Quora provides to the user:

  1. The ability to ask for and find answers to questions that you have.
  2. The ability to browse interesting topics and learn new things that you may never have even thought to look up.
  3. The ability to build a profile and reputation by answering questions and providing information to those looking for it.

In terms of marketing your business on Quora, the third main feature is the one that you will want to concentrate on the most.

Like most social media services on the web, when marketing for your business or brand, it is important to provide value to the user.

Spamming Quora, or any site for that matter, with a whole bunch of “valueless” links to your website is not going to help grow your business.

If, however, you provide valuable information, solutions and helpful answers to Quora users, then you will build a reputation and increase your brand’s exposure.

With that in mind, to market on Quora, you should follow topics relevant to your business’s industry or topic and browse the questions that users are asking relating to that particular topic.

To make things a bit easier, Quora has a section of “open questions” that do not yet have an answer.

Browse through the open questions on Quora relating to your topic and answer any of them that you think you are qualified to.

Most Quora users expect a link as part of your answer to provide credibility to the information that you provide.

If there is a question that can be answered by an article on your website, then providing a link to that particular article or page is fine.

Keep in mind though, Quora users are not going to like you if you only link to your own website. Remember – you’re trying to build a brand and spamming your customers almost never ends with positive results.

Quora users will call you out if they think you’re being overly aggressive with links to your own site!

With that being said, if you see a question that you believe can be answered by providing a link from another website than your own then, by all means, do so.

Important fact: Quora links are “do follow” links so Google will index the link when crawling the web.

Conclusion of how to market your brand using Quora:

Its all about value! If you provide helpful information on Quora through the use of links to your site and to other sites, your brand exposure will increase and you should also see some traffic coming from Quora as long as the links to your site that you provide answer the question being asked.

For examples on how I’ve used Quora to market for AnsonAlex.com, take a look at my Quora profile and view some of the questions that I’ve provided answers to.

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